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12 Sessions of 1:1 Mentorship


Private coaching is a hugely personalized, in-depth, hands-on experience that helps you better understand and manage the complexities of your mind, cultivate more joy and ease, and experience the freedom of welcoming peace and harmony to dwell within you.


As your coach, I hold an unconditionally supportive space for you to be fully seen, heard, safe, and held with lots of love and zero judgment.


Our sessions combine transformative conversations, powerful relaxation techniques, meditation, energy healing, breathwork, somatic practices, visualization exercises, and practical strategies for real-life transformation, our sessions help you develop a deep inner peace and sense of well-being that does not depend on your circumstances. 

Throughout our sessions, your nervous system will calm, your heart will feel safe to open and receive, your mind will let go of overwhelm, judgment, negativity, limiting beliefs, and shame as you become more compassionate and understanding with yourself. Your energy will feel clear and high vibration, your emotions will flow, and you’ll gain power, stability, and clarity. You’ll experience real, lasting, irreversible transformation, and grow into new ways of being.


Imagine being EMPOWERED to manage the complexities of your mind, and cultivate more joy and ease! The strategies we implement offer a variety of ways to access the mind/body/soul and the body to realign, the mind to quiet itself, and the soul to be heard. My entire purpose is to hold a loving space for you to rest. From a state of rest and relaxation, I'll guide you to face your fears and rise above them, unlock flow, have full authenticity and true inner confidence, love more, and live life on purpose.


How can coaching help me?

Private coaching is entirely customized to navigate your specific challenges, allowing for greater nuance, intimate in-depth explorations, breaking through barriers, and designing a growth pathway that supports what you want to nurture in your life. As your coach, I work collaboratively with you to:

  • Have a loving, compassionate, kind relationship with yourself

  • Improve your relationships and communication

  • Restore your health, radiance, and vitality

  • Revitalize your energy and feel lighter in your body

  • Expand your mindset

  • Foster and empower your self-awareness and self-actualization

  • Elevate your overall quality of life

  • Improve your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being

  • Enhance your performance

  • Gain clarity, creativity, focus, and productivity

  • Expand your abundance mindset

  • Foster personal growth

  • Raise your level of consciousness

  • Connect to calm, ground yourself, and be centered on what matters most to you

  • Sleep like a baby

  • Wake up feeling energized and refreshed

  • Shine professionally

  • Reconnect to a deep sense of passion, purpose, and fulfillment

  • Tune into your intuition and align with your authentic desires

  • Welcome peace and harmony to dwell within you and around you at all times

  • Manage the complexities of your mind

  • Release stress, tension, and negativity

  • Relax and rejuvenate mind, body, and soul

  • Find healing in forgiveness

  • Deepen intimacy and authenticity

  • Experience freedom in letting go


"I came to coaching because my mind has been overactive for my whole life, and with my grief journey, I knew I needed help to flip the page to a new chapter for myself. I wanted to shed my widow identity and figure out the next steps in my career after feeling lost.

I am now definitely on my own path to what I actually desire for my new life and that includes my career. I still have work to do, but I would never go back to doing it without Kelly’s coaching.

My biggest breakthrough so far was learning to let go of what has happened in the past and begin to hope for a better future. Coaching has also built my self-confidence and allowed me to create better boundaries in my life as I work to build the life I want.

I love the support that Kelly provides daily outside of actual coaching sessions. She makes me feel like I am never alone and she makes me feel understood even in my challenges.

I’d done some work before meeting Kelly so I wasn’t in the worst place, but I know that the coaching sessions have elevated me in a tangible way. I feel more confident, empowered, hopeful, positive, and grateful.

I see life in a different light. I used to feel more like “I can’t believe this is happening to me” but now I feel “OK this is happening, and I know I will be okay. I’ve survived so much, and whatever happens, the Universe has my back!"

I’d say I’ve gained a lot more mindfulness, and gratitude, and my compassion for others in daily life has grown even more.

My most specific result would be our work in September to reclaim the time for myself and create positive memories in a time that was filled with anxiety and trauma. Because of our work, I had the confidence to book a retreat (an idea I got from Kelly) and go to Paris after for my 40th birthday.

I love you forever Kelly Ryan!!!"

I have worked with clients of all ages, genders, and backgrounds around the world. My clients have included CEOs, high-acheiving executives across industries, entrepreunuers, busy moms, people with chronic illness and autoimmune conditions, doctors, therapists, teachers, students, healers,  and more. 


“I had a profound and immediate shift in my mood and outlook. If my anxiety was a 10, it’s now less than 1.
I enjoyed our meditations and appreciate your coaching, insight, and support. I’m in a much better place thanks to your coaching. Specifically,

I’m more positive and less catastrophic 
I am significantly less anxious.
I don’t feel like I’m reacting to things.
I don’t feel like my mood is bouncing around.
I’m calmer.  
I feel grounded and like I’m in control of my reactions/ responses.
I feel more positive and optimistic. 

I am staying in this space by practicing meditating daily and being aware of my thoughts.

The first meditation where I let go was profound. It totally shifted my perspective and my focus and made me feel more positive about what was to come. The subsequent meditations continued to pull my positive mindset forward and solidified/unwired the negative energy and feelings I was having. I like how you tailored the meditations based on my situation/experiences.
The biggest thing I learned was how energy is stored in the body and through the meditations we were able to clear a lot of the energy. I also learned that fear and our ego are what keep us stuck in our comfort zone and that most of my anxiety was self-induced by my own thinking. You helped me realize that when I follow my desires expansion occurs. That was good for me to learn.
I have tried meditating before and never felt any value from it. I think for the first time I was able to “get it”.
I look forward to working with you again in the near future Kelly!  

How does it work?

My coaching packages combine transformative coaching sessions in ancient wisdom, modern brain science, and positive psychology with experiential meditation, mindset, and energy practices to empower you with customized action steps and ample educational resources to manage your mind and cultivate ease and joy.


Anchor Yourself Accelerator

  • 6 Months of Empowerment Coaching and Mindful Living Mentoring

  • Zoom Coaching Sessions - weekly one hour sessions over 6 months

  • 24 Meditation Practices to support your growth. (clients love having this on-demand toolkit to support them throughout life!)

  • Weekly Customized Journal Prompts

  • Weekly Customized Action Steps

  • Optional Monday-Friday Voxer (walkie talkie messaging app) support


Your Investment $7,200

(installment plans available upon request)

Zoom Coaching Sessions are relaxing and educational experiences that inspire you to realize your full potential and create the long-lasting change you desire. In our session, we clarify your needs, desires, values, and intentions; and I guide you through various practices to calm your nervous system, tap into your intuition, rewire your neural pathways, build inspired vision, develop emotional resilience, and devise a concrete action plan to support your growth and move towards your desired future. You will receive a recording of each session so that you will have a toolkit to support you for the rest of your life!

Weekly Customized Action Steps are concrete actions we collaboratively agree to at the end of each session to help you integrate what you’ve learned during our time together and tangibly apply it before the next session.

Weekly Customized Journal Prompts are offered after each session to help you turn towards yourself, familiarize your brain and body with new states of being, and anchor new insights and skills between sessions.


Monday-Friday Voxer Support gives you real-time support between sessions. Having a negative thought spiral? Feeling afraid to make different choices than you have in the past? Need help addressing a conflict? Having a hard time making a decision? Send me a voice message with the particulars and I’ll reply within 24 hours.


On-Demand  Meditations Receive the practices and support materials for each of our sessions, as well as a library of short, 1-5 minute meditations to support you throughout the day. These offer a vital supplement to our live coaching sessions because, with practice, you will begin to establish new pathways to peace throughout your day.

"It was such a powerful experience to be with you yesterday. I felt an energy shift away from the crisis and towards a deeper sense of self-love, self-care, and grounding. It also settled my nervous system in a way therapy hasn't been able to do. The concept of experiencing feelings and letting them come and go feels very different from trying to understand them. Thank you."⁠ 

- Private client

7 Pillars of modern meditation based on ancient wisdom, transformational psychology, and brain science.

6 Pillars of Modern Meditation


Do you offer single sessions?
Single sessions are available to individuals who are (1) have completed a prior round of private coaching, (2) have participated in two or more of my on-demand workshops, or (3) have previously completed the live or on-demand Calm and Centered Course. These sessions are laser-focused 75-minute sessions designed to help you navigate whatever specific challenge or desire you intend through increased clarity, confidence, and clear action steps. These sessions are $400 each, and you can indicate interest in a single session when you inquire.
When do you host sessions?
Private coaching sessions are held on Zoom on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7am-2pm PST.
Do you offer financial aid or payment plans?
I’m happy to work with you to create an installment plan for private coaching. Financial aid is not available for private coaching, but my workshops and on-demand course offer more affordable options for those seeking support.
How is coaching different than therapy?
Coaching is a collaborative process that inspires clients to maximize their potential and create long-lasting changes in their lives. It focuses on managing your mindset, developing a loving relationship with yourself, increasing confidence, and moving towards your desired future. Coaching is action oriented and together we’ll map out a clear pathway to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Every session concludes with clear, tangible steps you take in-between sessions to move your closer to your desired outcome.
Therapy emphasizes healing from the past. It focuses heavily on developing skills for managing difficult emotions, coping with hardships, and healing past trauma. During coaching sessions, you will be led through practices that empower you to manage difficult emotions, release and let go of what’s no longer serving you, and heal through the application of love to the parts of you that hurt. Therapy is a great fit for individuals wishing to treat mental illness or process trauma.
Coaching is not a good fit for individuals seeking to diagnose mental health conditions, or whose primary goal is to heal their trauma.
Coaching is a great fit for motivated individuals seekly supportive, highly customized holistic guidance to improve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Coaching is a great fit for you if you wish to create real, lasting, transformation in your life, better understand and manage your mind, and cultivate more joy and ease.
What is your experience?
Prior to pursuing my passion for well-being, I had a successful 18 year career in commercial real estate financing. I am married with 2 kids, ages 16 and 18. I became a certified meditation teacher by Lifestyle Meditation in 2017, certified by Revelation Breathwork in 2018, certified in Reiki Healing in 2019, and am currently in a 3 year apprentice program to become an Herbalist. Since then, I have worked 1:1 with over 250 clients, have worked with couples, familys, corporate teams, and have hosted hundreds of live classes, workshops, and talks, I have offered group coaching programs live and online.
Do you have testimonials from previous clients?
Yes! You can view a selection of testimonials from prior clients here.

Apply to work with me privately.

If you’d like private coaching, please click here to submit an application. Due to the volume of applications I receive, I am unable to work with everyone, and this process enables me to identify the clients with whom I am the best fit.