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Your guide for mindful living, and an expert in helping you manage the complexities of your mind, and cultivate more joy and ease. 

When I turned 40, I was a success on paper but I had a nagging sense that I was not fully alive and thriving, or even fulfilling my real potential. I attended a life-changing mindfulness class in which the teacher explained that if we're wishing the past was different or better than it was, we're living in the past. She said if we're experiencing anxiety, it doesn't exist in the present moment, the anxiety stems from worrying about the future and catastrophizing all the worst-case scenarios that may unfold. 


I had an "Ah-Ha" moment...Uh-Oh!... I was living in the past and in the future rather than in the present moment quite often, and that was upsetting! I really wanted to be more present, so I signed up for some meditation instruction and began to meditate under the guidance of an incredible teacher. 


Guess what? I began to feel WAY better really fast.


You can imagine I was thrilled! I was curious and determined to learn what the heck was happening and why!


I have since spent years doing a deep dive into brain science, ancient wisdom, and the positive psychological benefits embedded in meditation practices among others. I have read hundreds of books and consulted with therapists and doctors. I earned certifications as a meditation teacher, breathwork facilitator, and energy healer.


I now share the same tools and strategies that worked for me with others, and they too experience incredible permanent lasting results and transformations. I am committed to empowering others by helping them realize the power within ones self and define and align with the success on their terms!


I am not here to give you the answers, I am here to give you the tools to help you find your own answers. I share the same things that have helped me and thousands of people just like you. 


I guide you through the process of managing the complexities of your mind, helping you align and gain clarity to create the life you really want and cultivate more joy and ease. I provide the "map" through which you can break free and grow beyond limiting beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. This map supports you in getting from where you are now to where you want to be in every area of life - health, relationships, career, time, and money

If you're interested in learning more about how I work with high-achieving individuals like you to cultivate more joy and ease and manage your mind like a master, click here!

My definition of success includes loving myself, lots of time with family, joyfully enjoying the journey and leaving the world a better place


I am still ambitious and I have big, audacious goals and dreams. The difference is that now I am pursuing them in a wholehearted authentic way. You too can gain clarity, balanced emotions, and a strong, powerful foundation. You can learn to be a leader in your own life and trust your intuition, pursue your passions, and follow what lights you up. As you do, your mind, emotions, physical body, and energy come into alignment and you free yourself from what has previously held you back.


Imagine what’s possible for YOU!


There is nothing worth holding onto any longer that keeps your happiness at arm's length. You can develop inner peace, a calm center, and a sense of well-being that doesn't depend on your circumstances. Time and time again, I have witnessed permanent, lasting transformation amongst my clients as they experience these strategies and practices in their own life, gain freedom and peace, and are uplifted and joyful in ways they haven't felt in a long time if ever.


Take a moment. Open your mind to possibility... "If I could live a life that I absolutely love."


Take nice long, slow, deep breaths. Imagine your life the way you would like it to turn out. What would you love in your career, relationships, finances, and health?


Imagine it all works out. You're doing work that you love and that has meaning and purpose. You have intimate, connected, satisfying relationships. You're in great health, sleeping well, having clarity of thought, feeling vibrant and active. You have more than enough money for all your expenses, your investment accounts are consistently increasing, and you have more than enough to give to philanthropic causes you care about deeply.


How does it feel?


Here's to you enjoying the journey and to your dreams becoming reality! I am rooting for you! 


If something is telling you there’s more out there, I can assure you there is. 



I'd love to invite you for a FREE, no-obligation Discovery Call. This is an opportunity for us to explore how you can get the transformative results you want through private 1:1 coaching sessions.


We'll talk about what is going on for you now and where you want to go. You can share any challenges you are facing and your goals, and tell me what it is you'd love to nurture in your life. 

Yes, I Want This!



"What you are is what you have been, who you'll be is what you do now."

- Buddha



I’m here to guide you in gaining clarity and creating a life you love. To feel empowered and honestly fulfilled. My programs support you in doing the inner work to go gain a clear vision, balanced emotions, power, and stability within yourself.


My teaching style is heart-centered and I make meditation simple and accessible (and dare I say extremely enjoyable!) to everyone. I share practices and actionable strategies that support you to thrive physically, mentally, spiritually, and energetically. Modern science proves the body becomes balanced through meditation and demonstrates a holistic approach to wellness is ideal.

These methods are suitable for people like you and me who have jobs, families, relationships, and social commitments, and are fully engaged with all aspects of life.