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At Anchor Meditation, we provide you with the tools and space to go within so that you can unleash your amazing potential and love your life.

Our mission is to make meditation simple and accessible to everyone. We do this by teaching meditation and the science of mental well-being in a nourishing online environment with world-class meditation teachers.

We are here to support your meditation practice - regardless of your meditation experience - so that you have a safe space to leave your stress behind and enter a space of centered calm.

What we pride ourselves on most – and what makes us different from your typical meditation app – is our group of warm and extremely knowledgeable teachers.

Our World-class Meditation Teachers

Our teachers are experts from a variety of traditions offering you simple meditation techniques that you can access anytime.

They come from a multitude of backgrounds...so we’re always bringing you a wide range of meditation modalities. With a passion for helping others and the warmth of a loving friend, they share proven practices that are thousands of years old and stem from all types of cultures and religions.

Meet Our Teachers Here

A word from the soul who brought Anchor to life

Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m the founder of Anchor Meditation as well as a wife and a mother to Michael (15) and Bailey (13). There was a point in my life where I found myself in constant stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Amidst juggling family life and a demanding corporate position in San Francisco, I needed a space to breathe.

For the sake of my family – and my own health – I began a daily meditation practice. 

Over the years I have studied various modalities of meditation. This has helped me cultivate many resources that help me connect to calm – especially in years like 2020!

After attending a wellness retreat that turned my life around, I felt inspired to make meditation simple and more accessible to all. I founded Anchor Meditation to provide a place for wonderful souls like you to slow down, reconnect, and anchor in the present moment.

I’m a Certified Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, and a Reiki Practitioner. I feel grateful to have met other highly qualified teachers who make Anchor Meditation amazing on a daily basis!

I promise that meditation can help you see massive improvements in your wellness, happiness, contentment, and sense of ease. How do I know? Because I’ve experienced these benefits first-hand. Now it’s your turn!

...& the co-captain who helps keep Anchor strong!

Sometimes even the strongest ships find themselves in uncharted territory…

When COVID hit in 2020 and the classes in our San Francisco studio had to be put on pause, it was clear to Kelly that Anchor’s mission - bringing meditation into more homes and families - was even more important than ever.

In turbulent times, nothing is more important than a clear vision and solid map to navigate the rough seas. It was at this time when a shining light appeared to provide the vision and guidance needed to help Kelly ensure Anchor remained strong!

Kelly’s husband Casey lovingly volunteered to step onboard in 2020 to help with the operational aspects of the business. Since seeing how much meditation changed his family’s life, he’s been generously putting his heart and energy into helping others experience the same benefits.


With his strong business acumen and decades of experience in market research, analysis, and project management, Casey is now key in ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. He is a visionary who understands the importance that mental well-being plays in the peace and happiness of individuals, communities, and the world.

Start Meditating With Us
“Meditation is changing how I respond to the things that I would’ve normally gotten stressed out about. At first I doubted whether it was possible to change how I react when life brings its daily challenges. After meditating for some time, I am pleasantly surprised at how I no longer stress out about the things that would’ve caused me to overreact in the past. I am finally able to slow down and pause more. This helps me make much wiser decisions and others are noticing my calmer state as well!”
- Hannah
“I am so glad I joined the Anchor Meditation community. Meditating with others – even if it’s online – makes a big difference. It makes it much easier for me to commit and focus. I love knowing that there’s always someone supportive to turn to if I have a question about anything related to my meditation experience.”
- Marissa

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