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When was the last time you paid attention to what you need? What do you want? What do you desire? How do you connect with yourself daily? How do you love and befriend yourself? How do you prioritize your energy and attention, and the values that matter most to you? 
These were the questions I faced several years ago when I celebrated my 40th birthday and had an awakening that led to massive transformation in my health, happiness, and well being. It peeked my curiosity and began my deep study of meditation,  led me to become a certified facilitator of many meditation and energy healing modalities, and open Anchor Meditation studio, a healing space in San Francisco.


My mission is to support your meditation practice - regardless of your meditation experience - so that you have a safe space to turn towards yourself with loving attention. I help others sustain balanced energy and learn how to use energy to more effectively create forward momentum towards their highest potential. 
I am a teacher and a student. I am teaching you what I most needed to know, and what has been most effective in enhancing my happiness, creativity, and connectedness. These are the same things that have helped thousands of students like you. I’m not here to give you the answers, I‘m just here to give you the tools to help you find your own answers.

I believe that each one of us is inherently whole, healthy, and divine. I believe in every moment we are supported infinitely. I believe the greatest gift you can give to another is your own happiness, and I believe feeling good and being happy is a choice. I hold the highest vision for the greatest version of who you are. 
I help you stop ruminating on the past, wishing things were different or better than they are. What has happened has made you who you are, but it doesn’t have to define who you become from this moment on. 
I believe all failures, mistakes, errors, and humiliations were necessary steps in the learning process. What if you believed that life is happening for you, not to you? You are continually growing from the past and learning the lessons that will help you. 
I’ll show you how to befriend yourself, calm the heck down, and ease your anxiety. Worry and anxiety don’t exist in the present moment, that is simply your mind projecting all the ‘worst case scenarios' about the future. It’s not necessary! 
My teaching style is heart-centered and I make meditation simple and accessible to everyone. Meditation is a foundation to help you be connected to the present moment, to yourself, to those around you, to nature. Modern science proves the body becomes balanced through meditation, releases a cocktail of neurotransmitters which enhance wellbeing. EPIGENETICS, meta cognition, BRAIN TRAINING, NEURAL PATHWAYS.
I teach a variety of modern meditations suitable for people like you and I who have jobs, families, relationships, social commitments, and are fully engaged with all aspects of life. I’m simultaneously flawed and striving to live a good life in service of the greater good. I am spiritually awake, but not perfect. I am passionate about sharing my favorite styles of meditation that nourish mind, body and soul! It has completely helped me find peace within myself and become self sovereign. 
I share wide variety of modern meditation practices based on brain science, transformational psychology, and ancient wisdom. We will harness the power of your physical (breathwork and energy practices), psychological (understand your past, work through how thoughts, feelings, emotions impact your life and deprogram from false narratives), and spiritual (connecting to yourself and others). 
The world is in need of more people who are open hearted and emotionally aware. The most important relationship in the world, the one with yourself. Yet we often neglect ourselves and are our own worst critic.
I’m committed to your well being. I hold space for you to , and I want to see you thrive. Let’s overcome this together!
On the fence? The one person in the world you have the most power over is your future self. You hold your life in your hands, and what it will be depends on how you care for it. Nothing outside of you will ever give you what you’ve been looking for. Only you can give it to yourself. Are you in?
That seems selfish? 
Here’s the deal: When you do the inner work, and embody your whole, healthy, happy self , it extends way beyond you into lives of every person, community, and organization. As your self compassion grows, it naturally expands into all whose lives you touch. I am here to shine the light of hope that as we become well as individuals, we become well as a world. Let’s create world peace together by acknowledging And affirming, “Peace begins with me.”
Yes, I Want This!


In addition to your monthly membership, I offer 1:1 support. meditation, mindset coaching, breathwork, and energy healing.  
If you’d like to explore this further, click here to book a wellness consultation so I can better understand what you're hoping to gain and we can customize a supportive container to support you at this time.
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Hi, I'm Kelly

I’m the founder of Anchor Meditation as well as a wife and a mother to Michael (15) and Bailey (13). There was a point in my life where I found myself in constant stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Amidst juggling family life and a demanding corporate position in San Francisco, I needed a space to breathe.

For the sake of my family – and my own health – I began a daily meditation practice. 

Over the years I have studied various modalities of meditation. This has helped me cultivate many resources that help me connect to calm – especially in years like 2020!

After attending a wellness retreat that turned my life around, I felt inspired to make meditation simple and more accessible to all. I founded Anchor Meditation to provide a place for wonderful souls like you to slow down, reconnect, and anchor in the present moment.

I’m a Certified Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, and a Reiki Practitioner. I feel grateful to have met other highly qualified teachers who make Anchor Meditation amazing on a daily basis!

I promise that meditation can help you see massive improvements in your wellness, happiness, contentment, and sense of ease. How do I know? Because I’ve experienced these benefits first-hand. Now it’s your turn!