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When everyone shifts into a more relaxed state of being, magic happens for them and your corporation.

People begin to feel better, experience more happiness, have more clarity, increased creativity, focus, and productivity, are better teammates, and produce higher quality results.

Your audience can count on a transformational experience that blends learning with practical tools they can use for a lifetime. Kelly is a mindset coach, meditation teacher, and healing guide. As a former corporate executive for more than 20 years, wife, and mother of teenagers, Kelly is relatable to your audience and connected to the real life challenges of juggling the demands of a career with the desires to have a fulfilling family and social life, while maintaining wellness.

Kelly has done the work within herself to overcome burnout, heal from an autoimmune disease, and reprogram the body and the mind to live in a state of ease, peace, joy, and love. Now she shares with others how they can navigate and heal from even the everyday stress, anxiety, and overwhelm of working and living in our fast paced society. Kelly is a brilliant addition to any leadership conference, corporate event or sales meeting.


Bringing in workshops like these results in:

  • Less sick days

  • Less employee stress leave

  • Less turnover

  • Less disability leave

  • Less employee infighting

  • Less stress and anxiety

  • More collaboration

  • More productivity

  • More focus

  • More creativity

  • More resilience

  • Higher employee morale

  • Building camaraderie amongst employees

  • Better sleep

  • Improved mental, emotional, and physical health

"Our goal was to bring a human element to work, to ground the room as a group, and set the stage for our executive offsites. We wanted to give people the skills to learn the significance of breathwork, meditation, and intention setting. Tools that people need to get through work days and life." 

"I was shocked by how many people came to me and said how powerful the experience Kelly facilitated was, and how much they needed the guided sessions. We now incorporate the work into our daily life. I have been on many calls where we all stop and breathed together. It truly grounds the ZOOM call!" 

"Kelly's ability to take us on the journey in a thoughtful and kind way was very helpful. In a space where people are nudged outside their comfort zone this type of practice can be so sensitive and Kelly has a way of calming the room by acknowledging the anxiety and walking us through everything with care and compassion. I have no doubt these tools will be used in our daily life."

Corporate Meditation Clients

Wellness Matters - Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual


Employees want you to care about their wellness in all of these areas, but often don't feel comfortable asking you for this support.


Let these workshops support them!

These results-oriented offerings are based on ancient wisdom, science and psychology.

As a part of the organizational culture, this wellness training helps to:

  • Motivate personnel to be more productive

  • Make a person become more observant and an active listener

  • Establish the foundation for a highly functioning performance culture

  • Promote a positive mindset

  • Maximize personal skills and build emotional resilience

  • Infuse awareness into the workplace

  • Promote empathetic communication

A successful workplace wellness leadership program has extensive benefits:

  • Focuses attention on compassion and its benefits in the workplace.

  • Destroys any conflicts that existed among the team members and leaders.

  • Allows people to understand the positive correlation between workplace compassion and success.

  • Helps participants recover from their mental blocks and focus more on their well-being.

  • Restores team spirit in the employees.

  • Reduces work stress.

  • Motivates an environment based on mutual respect.

"From Kelly's voice, her organized knowledge and intentional sessions, Anchor meditation has guided me on a path with more resilience and peace. Thank you Kelly!"

Corporate Meditation Clients

Detailed Workshop Descriptions

Achieving More Through Relaxation

Achieving More Through Relaxation

In this supercharged and inspirational workshop you will learn the science of stress, and gain supportive mindsets and tools to aide in relaxation.

  • Recognize the signals of stress and how to shift into relaxation. 

  • Learn micro-practices that invite greater relaxation into life, + little habits to help you stay in an ideal flow state in all areas of your life. 

  • Discover tools you can use to regulate your nervous system and support you in maintaining a relaxed state of being.

  • Enjoy a deeply restorative guided meditation.

  • Simple, practical, user friendly ways to manage your stress



Leading with Compassion

Leading with Compassion

Leading with compassion builds resilience, fosters a team-spirit, boosts engagement, and contributes to lower levels of staff turnover. It also removes barriers, creates confidence in place of fear and cultivates a work environment where employees feel a greater sense of commitment to their organization.

In this inspirational workshop, you will learn practices to offer loving-kindness and compassion to yourself as well as others. Leading with compassion builds resilience, fosters a team spirit, boosts engagement, contributes to lower levels of staff turnover, and cultivates a work environment where employees feel a greater sense of commitment to their organization.

This workshop will support you to:

  • Recognize the conflicting feelings inside you and to feed the values and choices that matter most.

  • Focus on nourishing the positive emotions inside you.

  • Express compassion in the workplace.

  • Understand that showing compassion is vital to sustaining job satisfaction and work-related motivation, productivity, loyalty, dedication, cooperation, healthy interpersonal relationships, and positively impacts performance culture as a whole.



Emotional Awareness

Gain Emotional Awareness

In this transformational workshop, you will gain an understanding of your emotions, learn to be with difficult or challenging emotions, and how you can direct your energy and attention toward your true intentions.

  • Cultivate emotional intelligence: 

  • Learn to dis-identify with your mind and to be the container, not the emotions

  • Recognize limiting beliefs and live beyond the limits as you pursue your dreams 

  • Intentionally optimize your thoughts. Learn purposeful thinking and magnetize the future you desire.

  • Set powerful intentions and learn how to direct your energy and attention towards your goals and intentions.



Optimize Your Mindset with Brain Training

Optimize Your Mindset with Brain Training

In this informative workshop you will receive practical tools to live a happier, more joyful life. You will determine how you want your life to look and feel, and intentionally train your brain to decide which thoughts are supportive of your vision and which one’s aren’t. You’ll learn how to:

  • Deprogram from false illusions, confusion, fear, lack, doubt, scarcity mindsets

  • Overwrite your current thinking and create a new default/new thoughts

  • Move beyond negative self talk and inner dialogues that have outgrown their usefulness

  • Learn deliberate creation: becoming conscious of what you think and consciously direct your thoughts enabling you to attract more enjoyable experiences into your life

  • Learn 10 powerful micro-practices



The Power of an Open Heart

The Power of an Open-Heart

In this powerful workshop, you will learn that one of the best ways to reduce anxiety, stress, and overwhelm is  to access your heart’s intelligence. The brain knows a lot but it knows WAY more when it joins with the heart. When our brains and hearts are working in collaboration, we’re happier, healthier, and automatically express love, kindness, and care for one another.Research shows that the heart sends far more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. The brain is responsible for cognition and the heart is responsible for emotions. While both thoughts and feelings are powerful, a strong emotion can silence a thought while we can rarely think ourselves out of an emotion.

Consciously being open-hearted supports you in:

  • Maintaining balance and emotional poise during chaos

  • Shifting the rythms of the heart to facilitate higher cognitive functions, creating emotional flexibility, and facilitating social connectedness

  • Accessing the intelligence of the heart to support you in making the best choices during these turbulent times

  • Accessing heart coherence so that your heart, emotions, and mind are in alignment and working together harmoniously



Be a Master Manifestor

Be A Master Manifestor

In this dynamic, motivational workshop you will learn about conscious creation. Conscious creation is simply becoming aware of what you think, feel, and believe, and intentionally directing your thoughts, choosing your emotions, and changing your beliefs so that they are in alignment with what you desire - health, wealth, love, happiness, success, joy, great relationships, jobs, homes, personal growth, contribution to the world.

Right now, you’re already creating and attracting all that you’re experiencing in life because your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs create your world moment by moment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Becoming a conscious creator allows you to create and attract more of the experiences you’d really enjoy in life, and is the most self empowering journey available to us. 

In this impactful manifestation workshop you’ll:

  • Understand your power as a creator

  • Get crystal clear on what would you love in the areas of health, relationships, work, time, and money

  • Learn specific tools and techniques to bring your dreams into reality

  • Rewire your brain and raise your energetic vibration to magnetically attract your desires such as health, wealth, success, abundance, and prosperity



The Power of Intention

The Power of Intention

Learn the Power of Intentions in this extremely insightful workshop. An intention is an internal aim we deliberately choose that focuses our attention, guides our actions, and, directs the mind to aim toward a purpose or plan. In this very impactful workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to leverage the power of your mind with purposeful thinking, feeling, and visualizing

  • Understand the benefits of focusing on solutions rather than problems and learn how to rewire neural pathways

  • Discover how to get unstuck by changing habits and behaviors at the level of the behavior

  • Learn practical tools to make use of your energy, attention, thoughts, beliefs, speech, mind, and free will to influence breakthroughs, miracles, opportunities, and transformation.

  • Activate and direct your energy and manifest what you would truly love



Relaxation Breathwork

Revelation Breathwork for Beginners

(***Optional and Highly Recommended!***)

Breathwork is one of the most powerful ways to shift our energy, our frequency, and open to new ways of thinking, being, and navigating the world. Release whatever is ready to be let go of - anger, resentment, fear, stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, blocks, self doubt, inner turmoil, tension, judgement, sadness, lack, scarcity... 

Vibrate higher through a breathwork experience that encompasses deep, rhythmic breaths curated to a musical playlist. Experience transformation in your overall well-being:

  • Emotional

    • Reduces anxiety and depression

    • Boosts happiness, self-love, and self-worth

    • Breaks patterns of negative thinking, negative behavior, and addiction

    • Allows for emotional release of stored trauma and energy

  • Mental

    • Gets you out of your head and into your body

  • Physical

    • Increases focus and energy

    • Reduces physical pain

    • Optimizes body function and homeostasis

    • Improves sleep, immunity, and digestion

  • Spiritual

    • Access altered states of consciousness

    • Supports spiritual awakening and healing

    • Increased awareness, presence, and clarity

    • Connect to source and to your higher self


"People are fiercely prioritizing their mental health heading into 2023.

This year, a different ambition is topping the resolution list, especially among young people: an improvement in mental health.

The Forbes Health survey found that overall, 45% of respondents noted an improvement in mental health as one of their top New Year’s resolutions, compared to 39% who said improved fitness, 37% who want to lose weight and 33% who cited improved diet."


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Kelly Ryan

The Kelly Ryan Experience

Kelly is known as an uplifting presence, teacher, healer, and life changer. 

From a stressed and chronically ill mom and top-performer in her sales career, Kelly was doing her best to be happy but often exhausted by the demands of juggling family life and a demanding corporate position. Kelly is now a balanced and thriving entrepreneur who helps others by sharing the mindset tools, modern meditation techniques, and healing modalities to help them thrive. Kelly's compassion, optimism, and determination has inspired people worldwide and helped audiences break through and discover their own inner peace, untapped personal power, and infinite potential to create the life they desire.

"We wanted to help people to get in a good mindset with a clear headspace to be present for the onsite. Kelly's energy was calm, grounded, and engaging so the team was dialed in from the start. Kelly gave some simple tools that the team can use in their day-to-day to manage their own energy and headspace as well."

Here are a few reasons why Kelly has become a favorite among meeting and event planners and a trusted partner for corporations looking to grow their leaders in a new way.

1. Kelly and her team are easily accessible to facilitate planning and collaborate to ensure total success at your event.

2. Kelly shows up prepared. She understands the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities of your employees and leaders. Her approach is relatable and the methods she teaches are easy to implement in daily life.

3. Kelly brings compassion to your organization which leaves your audience feeling supported, understood, empowered, inspired, nurtured, and ready to evolve!

4. Kelly is both a teacher and a student with a deep commitment to her own personal and professional healing and growth. She leverages her own experiences along with the latest methods rooted in modern science, ancient wisdom, and transformational psychology to ensure her content is relevant and actionable.

5. The relationship with Kelly never really ends. These workshops are just the beginning... She has libraries of existing content to share with audience members who wish to deepen the practices shared. Kelly continually offers new online content and is active on social media so every audience can stay connected. She also offers ongoing group coaching and leadership coaching.

6. All of Kelly’s talks are heart-centered and actionable. Every presentation Kelly delivers is grounded in a trusted relationship with the wisdom within oneself and with the Universe. Her belief is simple: We have everything we need within to create the life of our dreams. Kelly helps participants harness their energy and attention to create accelerated momentum toward realizing one's highest potential!