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Invite Kelly to Speak


The Face Yoga Expert Podcast

With Danielle Collins

The Family Brain with Megan Gipson

Kelly Ryan explores the impact of stress on her health and well being and how meditation can be used to make us all healthier. She founded Anchor Meditation with the goal of helping share what she has learned about the impact of meditation with others.

Wellness is Wealth with Nicole Chetaud

Listen to Kelly Ryan describe her entrepreneurship journey, discovery of meditation and mindfulness, healing journey and the benefits of meditation and how to start your own practice (she has a freebie for you!)


Live on Purpose with Marie

In today's conversation, we discuss meditation, nervous system regulation, healing autoimmune disease, the power of words, screen apnea and what to do about it, and so much more.

It was a pleasure and a joy to connect with Kelly.


Flow Space Wellness

Join us as we hold space for conscious conversations via our podcast that invite us to look deep within allowing room for healing, self reflection, & growth.