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Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

This Zoom consultation is an opportunity for us to explore how you can get the transformative results you want through private 1:1 coaching sessions.


We'll talk about what is going on for you now and where you want to go. You can share any challenges you are facing or goals that you have, and tell me what it is you'd love to nurture in your life. 


My intention is to help you better understand and manage your mind, and cultivate more joy and ease. You can develop inner peace, a calm grounded center, and a sense of well-being that does not depend on your circumstances. I share simple tools to support you in experiencing freedom and empowerment. 


During our sessions you'll grow into greater ease, peace, trust, and happiness as I hold space for you to be fully safe, seen, heard, and held with unconditional love and zero judgment. I'll be a champion for your greatness as together we activate your full potential, break through barriers, and design a growth pathway that supports your vision. 


You'll experience real, lasting, irreversible transformation and grow into new ways of being. You'll gain skills and capacities to access unconditional love, peace in your body, freedom in your mind, and a natural state of high vibration that is your true nature.

Here's what clients have to say:

“I had a profound and immediate shift in my mood and outlook. If my anxiety was a 10, it’s now less than 1." 

- Jocelyn


"I feel more confident, empowered, hopeful, positive, and grateful. I see life in a different light. I used to feel like "I can't believe this is happening to me." Now I feel like, "Okay, this is happening, and I know I will be okay. I've survived so much, and whatever happens, the Universe has my back! I've gained a lot of mindfulness, gratitude, and compassion for others has increased even more."

- Brooke

"I feel more grounded, centered, and overall at peace. I learned a lot of tools and tips to navigate difficult emotions, stress, and anxiety."

- Cristina


"I have a tendency to focus on negative thoughts, sometimes in an almost obsessive loop. I’ve struggled with negative thinking my whole life. Kelly helped me transform my inner critic to an inner cheerleader, and as a result, I am feeling much happier!" 

- Emily


"It was such a powerful experience to be with you yesterday. I felt an energy shift away from the crisis and towards a deeper sense of self-love, self-care, and grounding. It also settled my nervous system in a way therapy hasn't been able to do. The concept of experiencing feelings and letting them come and go feels very different from trying to understand them. Thank you." 

- Justine


"It was transformative! My life is forever changed because I now have a deep inner peace and sense of well-being that doesn’t depend on my circumstances." 

- Liz


“It completely shifted my perspectives and opened me to new ways of being, new possibilities, and more opportunities." 

- George






 “My anxiety massively decreased, and my overall mood and sense of well-being dramatically improved within a few sessions!”

- Shelly


“I have much greater clarity and confidence, and I have been able to make significant changes towards freedom and authenticity.”

- Blair


“I learned how to create a life that feels good without needing to struggle. I am less judgmental and more curious. I make fewer assumptions, take things less personally, know what I truly want, see my future more clearly, and see many more possibilities.”

- Diane


“Coaching has completely transformed my family life. Family dinners are way better, and it’s amazing how we’re all much more connected, I have a much more nurturing, compassionate, understanding relationship with myself, and I know I am a better mom, wife, and person as a result of my work with Kelly.”

- Lisa


“There are definitely noticeable results! I’m really happy that I’m now able to intentionally unwind and relax as a result of the tools we’ve worked with. I’m able to bring my awareness to my breathing, my mind, and my body and guide myself into a calm state. I’ve never been able to do this before! I have so much more compassion and understanding for myself, and for other people too. My focus and productivity at work are through the roof! And to top it off, I am sleeping great for the first time in years.”



"I have an increased capacity to face my fears, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs and rise above them. If I had known how freeing it would be to face emotions I had been avoiding, I’d have done a lot sooner."

- Alyssa


Schedule a 20-Minute Discovery Call

This 20-minute call is an opportunity for us to explore how you can get the transformative results you want through private 1:1 coaching sessions.