Sometimes you get so busy trying to be everyone else’s anchor that you don’t even realize you are drowning.

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After experiencing the profound impact meditation had on her health and improved state of being, Kelly Ryan founded Anchor Meditation with the intent of sharing the benefits of meditation with others. Living in San Francisco and juggling a demanding corporate position and being a wife and mother of two, Kelly was craving space to breathe.

Kelly attended a life-changing wellness retreat, which prompted her to want to make meditation simple and accessible to all who can benefit from a pause from our fast paced lives. Her hope is that Anchor provides a place to slow down, reconnect, and anchor in the present moment as opposed to the past or future.

In the present moment we recognize that happiness is our nature, and we are the primary makers of our own happiness.  Everything we have ever needed – our compassion, courage, calm, joy, love, connection, strength, peace, bliss – is within.  The freedom in recognizing this simple truth can lead to great personal happiness, the most precious gift we can give ourselves and others.