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An online meditation community to help you connect with your inner self, unleash your potential & love your life.

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We make meditation simple and accessible... so you can finally feel all of its wonderful benefits in YOUR life!

Finding your inner calm isn’t just something you’re doing for you. 

At Anchor Meditation, we’re all about self-care and empowerment. But have you ever noticed that the better you feel, the more energy you have to share your best self with others? 

When your tank of happiness is full, it’s much easier to be there for those you love AND make a meaningful impact on the world.

Starting or continuing a meditation practice amidst the daily stresses of life isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re here to be your anchor.

Our online meditation classes  help you overcome some of the most common meditation challenges.
You’ve tried to meditate before but can’t quiet your mind.
You’ve researched countless meditation techniques but aren’t sure which one is right for you.
You want to commit to a daily meditation practice but find it nearly impossible to do so without a supportive community.
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Sometimes you get so busy trying to be everyone else’s anchor that you don’t even realize you are drowning. We’re here to help you keep your commitment to yourself.


Stress, Worry, & Anxiety
Sleeplessness & Insomnia
Foggy Brain & Overwhelm
Low self-worth & negative self-talk
Feeling stuck
Depression & Unfulfillment
Frustration & Anger





A lasting feeling of calm & peace
Sleeping like a baby…naturally
Laser-sharp focus & productivity
Increased confidence & self-compassion
Clarity & connection to your inner guidance
More joy & a deeper sense of meaning
Greater resilience to handle life’s challenges 


Meditation Classes Anywhere, Anytime

Try out a wide range of meditation styles and discover what resonates. Learn new techniques and relax as you follow along with these guided meditations.

• Unlimited on-demand meditation classes

• Learn different meditation styles

• Lifetime access

Meditate In a Supportive Community

Keep your meditation practice going...in a way that suits your lifestyle. Join our classes and benefit from the guidance of our expert meditation teachers.

• Over a dozen types of live virtual meditation classes

• Unlimited on-demand meditation classes

• Nourishing members-only community

Learn How to Meditate

New to meditation or just wondering if you’re doing it right? Learn everything you need to know to benefit from meditation in your life...in just 10 days!

• Science-backed insights

• Guided meditations

• Daily journal prompts

On-demand Meditation Classes
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So what makes Anchor the best place for you to get your calm on?

  • expertly trained meditation teachers

  • a nurturing community of like-minded souls

  • insights & tools to help you make the most of meditation

Yes...you could just find a free guided meditation online or download a meditation app. 

But sometimes you have questions that an app just can’t answer. That’s where our group of awesome and extremely knowledgeable teachers comes in.

With a passion for helping others and the warmth of a loving friend, our meditation teachers share proven practices that are thousands of years old, stemming from all types of cultures and religions.

Meet Our Expert Teachers Here

What the press is saying about Anchor Meditation:

“Meditation will change your life for the better! No matter what your level of experience is, Anchor Meditation has some of the best teachers in the Bay Area to help you start or deepen your practice”

- Laura P

“I used to think that I simply couldn’t meditate because it was impossible for me to quiet my mind. After attending several of Anchor’s classes, I realized that my meditation was still effective even when I was having thoughts. I feel a lot more relaxed now knowing that it’s possible to notice when I think stressful thoughts without getting caught up in them!”
- Toya
“Through learning meditation, I’ve been able to live in the moment and enjoy the small things in life. Acknowledging my emotions changed how I react to daily stress. The new tools I’ve learned helped me find more peace and joy. I highly recommend Anchor Meditation for anyone needing a way to cope with the stress in today’s world.”
- Joe
“I’ve loved my experience with Anchor because they are creating a community of self love and I feel blessed to be a part of it!”
- Vince S.

Ready to commit to your own happiness and become an even stronger anchor for others? 

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