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Which voice will you listen to?

Oct 09, 2023
There’s an old Cherokee story:
One evening, an elderly Cherokee Chief told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. 
He said, “My son, the battle is between the two wolves inside us all. One wolf is evil. It is angry, envious, jealous, sorrowful, regretful, greedy, arrogant, self-pitying, guilty, inferior, dishonest, prideful, superior, and egoic. 
The other wolf in this battle is good. He is joyful, peaceful, loving, hopeful, serene, humble, kind, benevolent, empathic, generous, honest, compassionate, and faithful.” 
The grandson thought about it for a moment, and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” The old Cherokee replied simply, “The one you feed.” 
At any given moment, you have the opportunity to listen to the voice of expansion that wants you to move forward toward your vision of what you would truly love. Or you can choose to listen to the voice of constriction that wants you to stay stuck and keeps you in fear. Which wolf wins?
When you are faced with challenges or opportunities, you may hear yourself thinking, “I can’t” or, “I don’t know how.” It’s important you challenge these types of thoughts because often they’re not true. 
The voice of expansion often says: “I can.” “I will…” “I choose to…” 
The voice that you listen to is crucial to empower your dreams to become reality.
Your power is that you are free, you get to choose which voice you listen to, and you get to decide!
It sounds simple to notice what voice you notice and follow up with steps to re-pattern your thinking, but it takes consistent practice and repetition. One of the most practical, proven benefits of meditation is how it helps us focus our attention. I believe the most empowering and important thing we can do is to manage our focus and our energy.
Energy flows where attention goes, so feed the voice of expansion and starve the voice of constriction. Follow the voice that says “I can do this.” “I’ve got this.” “I choose to do this and I’m gonna do my very best.” This creates powerful momentum and empowers you to lead yourself toward your growth, freedom, and expansion!

Hi, I'm Kelly. Your Empowerment Coach and Mindfulness Mentor. I am an experienced wellness leader, a former 18-year veteran of a successful commercial real estate career, a wife, a mom of 2 teens, a certified meditation teacher, a breathwork facilitator, and an energy healer.

I help high achievers manage the complexity of their minds and cultivate more joy and ease. If you'd like to explore whether my private program, Anchor Yourself Accelerator, is right for you let's connect. I combine empowerment coaching and mindfulness practices to help you create a life you love.


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Clients share:

“If my anxiety was a 10 it's now below a 1."


t completely shifted my perspectives and opened me to new ways of being new possibilities, and more opportunities.”

“My anxiety massively decreased, and my overall mood and sense of well-being dramatically improved within a few sessions!”

“I have much greater clarity and confidence, and I have been able to make significant changes towards freedom and authenticity.”

“I learned how to create a life that feels good without needing to struggle. I am less judgmental and more curious. I make fewer assumptions, take things less personally, know what I truly want, see my future more clearly, and see many more possibilities.”

“Coaching has completely transformed my family life. Family dinners are way better, and it’s amazing how we’re all much more connected, I have a much more nurturing, compassionate, understanding relationship with myself, and I know I am a better mom, wife, and person as a result of my work with Kelly.”





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