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Happiness and joy have nothing to do with life circumstances

Nov 07, 2023

Happiness and joy have nothing to do with our life circumstances. Happiness and joy are a result of what’s happening in our minds.

You’ll be happier and more joyful when you feel inner peace. You'll feel more inner peace when you think better thoughts, since our thoughts cause our feelings.

ALL feelings are valid, but all thoughts are not. In fact, 80% of our thoughts are negative, so it's understandable why so many people feel depressed, anxious, and angry.

Happiness is not outside of you, it’s within.

Jocelyn was struggling with negative thoughts and was consumed by anxiety and pessimism. She knew she needed to change her thinking and wanted to get in a good frame of mind for her job search.

She signed up for my 6-week private coaching program and has enjoyed remarkable results! Her anxiety went from a 10 to less than a 1, she feels more positive and optimistic, and more calm. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“I had a profound and immediate shift in my mood and outlook. If my anxiety was a 10, it’s now less than 1.

I enjoyed our meditations and appreciate your coaching, insight, and support. I’m in a much better place thanks to your coaching. Specifically,

  • I’m more positive and less catastrophic
  • I am significantly less anxious.
  • I don’t feel like I’m reacting to things.
  • I don’t feel like my mood is bouncing around.
  • I’m calmer.
  • I feel grounded and like I’m in control of my reactions/ responses.
  • I feel more positive and optimistic.

I am staying in this space by practicing meditating daily and being aware of my thoughts.
The first meditation where I let go was profound. It totally shifted my perspective and my focus and made me feel more positive about what was to come. The subsequent meditations continued to pull my positive mindset forward and solidified/unwired the negative energy and feelings I was having. I like how you tailored the meditations based on my situation/experiences.

The biggest thing I learned was how energy is stored in the body and through the meditations we were able to clear a lot of the energy. I also learned that fear and our ego are what keep us stuck in our comfort zone and that most of my anxiety was self-induced by my own thinking. You helped me realize that when I follow my desires expansion occurs. That was good for me to learn.

I have tried meditating before and never felt any value from it. I think for the first time I was able to “get it”.

I look forward to working with you again in the near future Kelly!


Hi, I'm Kelly. Your Empowerment Coach and Mindfulness Mentor. I am an experienced wellness leader, a former 18-year veteran of a successful commercial real estate career, a wife, a mom of 2 teens, a certified meditation teacher, a breathwork facilitator, an energy healer, and an empowerment coach.

I help high achievers manage the complexity of their minds and cultivate more joy and ease. If you'd like to explore whether my private program, Anchor Yourself Accelerator, is right for you let's connect. I combine empowerment coaching and mindfulness practices to help you create a life you love.


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