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A Hard Truth and Some Good News Too!

Aug 23, 2023

Are you working hard for something you want, and it's just not happening for you? It's likely because your programs and subconscious mind don't support what you want, and your subconscious is holding you back from getting where you want.

The hard truth is that we've all been programmed and these programs largely reside in our subconscious mind. The bad news is that in today's society, most of the programs are negative, disempowering, and limiting. For example, "I'm alone, I can't do this, I'm going to fail, I'm not attractive enough, I'm not good enough"

Scientists believe 95% of your life comes from the subconscious point of view, meaning 95% of the time, you're being driven by your subconscious wiring, not the wiring of your conscious mind at all. 

The Good news is YOU can rewire your subconscious pathways to better support your big dreams, visions, and goals! Once you understand what's holding you back by your subconscious wiring, then you can start to move forward into rewiring! 💯


With the right tools and repetition, you can effectively rewire your subconscious so that all of the thoughts, wishes, and desires in your conscious mind match the wiring of your subconscious mind, meaning both will be working on the same page and no limiting beliefs from your subconscious will hold you back.



Your conscious mind is whatever you are currently aware of, what you're seeing, doing, touching, feeling, and experiencing. When you think, you think with your conscious mind. Wishes and desires such as "I want this" or "I wish I had this" drive the conscious mind. The conscious mind doesn't involve stored information, it is what is happening now.

Your subconscious mind is like a memory bank that permanently stores everything that ever happens to you. It contains all of the stored information of everything you have ever experienced. It is subjective. It doesn't think or reason independently, it carries out the commands it receives from your conscious mind without questioning. It does what it is directed to do, influencing how you react to things even though we're often not even aware of it.

When you're completely immersed in an activity, your conscious mind doesn't pay attention to what's going on around you, and your subconscious mind kicks in - like when you're on the freeway and you're in deep conversation with the passenger in your car, and you realize you're not paying attention to driving - this is the conscious mind stepping back from being in total control and the subconscious mind driving you without you realizing. Because the subconscious mind has such control over your behaviors, it's important to train your conscious mind to reprogram your subconscious mind and bring you success in all areas of your life that you are looking for.


What is subconscious programming?


In his book, "The Biology of Belief," Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that your subconscious mind is programmed during the last trimester of pregnancy through age 7. During this intense period of our programming, kids are like sponges, soaking up huge amounts of information from their environment and absorbing everything indiscriminately. As we grow older, our wiring and programming become more fixed as our brains become less malleable. We begin to function at different brain wave states than in early childhood, and as a result, absorb less information and are less impacted from a subconscious perspective. 


Dr. Lipton explains that our adult life is a printout and roadmap of our subconscious programming, meaning the limiting beliefs that were wired into us during the first 7 years continue to hold us back in adulthood driving the way we show up in the world. In other words, we are often unconsciously held back by our subconscious programming, and it's not our fault, but it is our choice to reprogram if we want different results! 


How can I reprogram my subconscious mind and break through the invisible barriers that have been holding me back?


If you are ready and willing to decide to shift your mindset and shift your focus in the right direction, there are lots of tools to help! 


Meditation is good at bringing the subconscious into our conscious awareness, making us aware of what needs repairing in our lives, and giving us the agency to change it! Whether it's your health and well-being, your career, leadership and impact, your relationships, your prosperity, or some other aspect of your life, when you meditate with repetition, you begin to see clearly what is and what isn't working. As a result, you begin making better choices that lead to a healthier and much more fulfilling life.


As you become aware you can observe the patterns, stories, and beliefs that are creating your current experience in life and begin to see the gaps between your current life and your desired future. You're able to identify mindsets, habits, and behaviors that are no longer serving you, and start shifting and practicing new choices, mindsets, and ways of being that support you in focusing and directing your energy and attention toward the life you desire.


What is it that happens over and over again in your life? Where have you been stuck, slowed down, held up, or stopped until now? How do you keep these patterns in place through your ways of being, actions, behaviors, and attitudes? Where do these patterns keep you trapped, blaming, and in victim mode? How did these beliefs serve you in the past? How are they limiting you now?


It's empowering to see these patterns and limiting beliefs because now you can create something different. You can create a new story. You can rewire your neural pathways and make new choices that support your growth and transformation, your dreams and desires.


Here's 3 Steps You Can Take:

1. Identify limiting beliefs or fears that are holding you back. Think about your goals and dreams, and consider the thoughts, habits, ideas, or barriers keeping you from achieving them.

2. Let go of limiting thoughts. Once you know what is blocking you, accept it, embrace it, and have compassion for yourself as you would for a close friend or a child. Sometimes this step brings up challenging emotions. For example, one of my clients had trouble developing trusting relationships and realized she never really had healthy relationships modeled for her during childhood. A better understanding of what was causing her emotions enabled her to address it and find a better way to respond.

3. Reprogram your subconscious mind using conscious thoughts and actions. Visualize what you want to happen, plan how you will react to obstacles, and remain present so you can choose to respond differently than you have in the past by following your new plan in the moment. Give your subconscious a positive, uplifting, empowering way to respond. Your subconscious mind will listen, just as it always has in the past, and eventually follow your new plan in the moment.


“Until you make the subconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung


If you'd like to receive support identifying your patterns and gaining freedom, I can help you rapidly shift and liberate yourself from invisible patterns you may or may not be aware of. We'll collaborate to create new beliefs and map out a growth pathway to anchor a new story, enable transformation, and grow beyond the pattern. You'll receive highly personalized, in-depth support to reprogram your mind to:

  • Improve your mood, perspective, and outlook on life
  • Instill new, better thoughts and stop unhelpful negative thought spirals in their tracks
  • Change the fixed beliefs that have been dragging you down
  • Program a new powerful and optimistic attitude
  • Access peace of mind and contentment
  • Create a more positive and resilient mindset
  • Instill the belief inside you that you can achieve what you desire 
  • Create empowering thoughts that radiate like a magnet to attract what you want. 
  •  Accept self-love and become more self-trusting


Hi, I'm Kelly. Your Empowerment Coach and Mindfulness Mentor. I am an experienced wellness leader, a former 18-year veteran of a successful commercial real estate career, a wife, a mom of 2 teens, a certified meditation teacher, a breathwork facilitator, and an energy healer.

I help high achievers manage the complexity of their minds and cultivate more joy and ease. If you'd like to explore whether my private program, Anchor Yourself Accelerator, is right for you let's connect. I combine empowerment coaching and mindfulness practices to help you create a life you love.


You can learn more about the program by clicking hereor book a free, no-obligation discovery call using the button below 




Clients share:

“If my anxiety was a 10 it's now below a 1."


t completely shifted my perspectives and opened me to new ways of being new possibilities, and more opportunities.”

“My anxiety massively decreased, and my overall mood and sense of well-being dramatically improved within a few sessions!”

“I have much greater clarity and confidence, and I have been able to make significant changes towards freedom and authenticity.”

“I learned how to create a life that feels good without needing to struggle. I am less judgmental and more curious. I make fewer assumptions, take things less personally, know what I truly want, see my future more clearly, and see many more possibilities.”

“Coaching has completely transformed my family life. Family dinners are way better, and it’s amazing how we’re all much more connected, I have a much more nurturing, compassionate, understanding relationship with myself, and I know I am a better mom, wife, and person as a result of my work with Kelly.”







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