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1-Minute Instant Stress Relievers!

Sep 13, 2023

It's essential to have effective stress relievers that can calm your mind and body.
Today I'm sharing 4 simple, effective, instant stress relievers that you can do anywhere, anytime. These will provide immediate relief and lower your stress, anxiety, and overwhelm right now.


When stressed, we are often taking only shallow breaths from the upper chest. A full deep belly breath helps to release pressure and tension.
Breathing in deeply and extending your exhale a couple of seconds longer than the inhale (i.e. inhale for 5, hold for 5, exhale for 7) sends signals to your nervous system that you're in a safe space and it's okay to rest and relax.

  • Take a nice long, slow, deep breath through your nose into your belly, letting your abdomen expand fully
  • Hold it for a few seconds
  • Imagine you have a wand with a bubble on it - as you breathe out, be careful not to pop the bubble
  • As you exhale, unclench your jaw, drop your shoulders, and soften your belly
  • Close your eyes and repeat a few times. Breathe in through your nose. Hold. Breathe out a large "bubble" through pursed lips until all of your air is completely released.

When our minds are filled with stressful thoughts, our body becomes stressed. Shifting our focus can help calm mental activity which results in physical relaxation. 

  • Shift your attention to the tip of your nose
  • Find a steady, even pace with your breath - as you breathe in, notice the sensation of your breath as it enters your nostrils
  • As you breathe out, become aware of the sensation of air passing back out - may be slightly cooler on the inhale, warmer and more moist on the exhale
  • Close your eyes and repeat this several times... breathing in,"I calm myself."...breathing  out, "I feel at ease."...breathing in, "I calm myself," in...breathing out, "I feel at ease."


  • Close your eyes and bring to mind a place where you can be completely relaxed - maybe a meadow, by the ocean, near a warm fireplace, or in the mountains
  • Take a moment to visualize this place (real or imagined)
  • Use all your senses to feel yourself in comfy clothes, see beautiful colors, smell the lingering scent of this place, hear pleasant sounds
  • Bring a slight smile to your face, embodying contentment as you relax and savor this peaceful relaxing place. Visit it whenever you want a mini-vacation!


Lavender oil is so soothing! It reduces stress and anxiety and promotes deep calm and harmony. It lowers blood pressure and pulse, pain, anxiety, and depression, and increases your overall sense of well-being. Research shows that lavender improves symptoms of anxiety such as disturbed sleep, restlessness, and physical symptoms. There are many ways to enjoy lavender:

  • Add 10-15 drops to a diffuser
  • Dab on wrists, feet, and behind your ears
  • Add several drops to a bath
  • Mix with water and spritz on bedding
  • Inhale deeply to receive the benefits. Exhale deeply and release. Repeat!


Hi, I'm Kelly. Your Empowerment Coach and Mindfulness Mentor. I am an experienced wellness leader, a former 18-year veteran of a successful commercial real estate career, a wife, a mom of 2 teens, a certified meditation teacher, a breathwork facilitator, and an energy healer.

I help high achievers manage the complexity of their minds and cultivate more joy and ease. If you'd like to explore whether my private program, Anchor Yourself Accelerator, is right for you let's connect. I combine empowerment coaching and mindfulness practices to help you create a life you love.


You can learn more about the program by clicking hereor book a free, no-obligation discovery call using the button below 




Clients share:

“If my anxiety was a 10 it's now below a 1."


t completely shifted my perspectives and opened me to new ways of being new possibilities, and more opportunities.”

“My anxiety massively decreased, and my overall mood and sense of well-being dramatically improved within a few sessions!”

“I have much greater clarity and confidence, and I have been able to make significant changes towards freedom and authenticity.”

“I learned how to create a life that feels good without needing to struggle. I am less judgmental and more curious. I make fewer assumptions, take things less personally, know what I truly want, see my future more clearly, and see many more possibilities.”

“Coaching has completely transformed my family life. Family dinners are way better, and it’s amazing how we’re all much more connected, I have a much more nurturing, compassionate, understanding relationship with myself, and I know I am a better mom, wife, and person as a result of my work with Kelly.”




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