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Meditation Teacher Training - Level II Advanced

Meditation Teacher Training

Level II Advanced

200 Hours

$2,200 - $2,800

With Mandy Trapp

The Love to Teach Meditation 200 HR Teacher Training is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the practice, while expanding your knowledge of meditation within ancient and modern science, and confidently develop your abilities as a facilitator. Specifically designed to prepare you and your students to use the practices of meditation as a foundation for living a more mindful and empowered life, this program will awaken you to the possibilities of a happier and more fulfilled experience in all of your life's endeavours. 

Upon completion, you will be an Advanced Certified Lifestyle Meditation Teacher and a certified facilitator for the new Lifestyle Meditation Signature Workshop, “The Path.” You will also be certified to teach Lifestyle Meditation’s Signature Series classes.

During the 200 HR training, you will:

  • Learn meditation’s role in modern science: How is meditation research shaping the way we treat physical and mental health? What role is meditation playing today, and how could that unfold in the future;

  • Understand meditation’s role in ancient science: How has the wisdom of meditation laid a foundation for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health today? Using the science of Ayurveda and philosophies of yoga, humanity has seen many great masters share a common insight into the secret of our ideal evolution;

  • Explore a variety of ancient practices with a modern twist: Learn from master yogis, artists and more in their field of expertise and how to integrate these tools into your own life and those you teach;

  • Develop your teaching skills through facilitator development and practicum opportunities. Experience growing yourself as a teacher while presenting individually and within groups; and

  • (the icing on the cake…!!) become certified to teach our signature 5-module mindfulness workshop “The Path,” and our Lifestyle Meditation Signature Series Meditation classes.

The Level 2: Advanced Meditation Teacher Training program is a two-part process:

Part I (pre-requisites):

— Complete a Level 1: Foundations or Foundations for Kids and Teens Meditation Teacher Training. (in-person or online)
— Required Reading and book study assignments: The Untethered Soul, The Surrender Experiment, Mans Search for Meaning, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
— Lifestyle Meditation Facilitator Development Training Program (home study)

Part II  (Seven-day Intensive; or six-day Intensive over two weekends):

— The 7-day Intensive runs Monday through Sunday from 7am - 9pm, with Sunday wrapping up around 6pm. Alternatively, the 6-day Intensive runs over two weekends from Friday through Sunday. Friday and Saturday are 7am - 9pm, and Sunday is 7am - 6pm. Breaks will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Early Bird – $2200 + GST  (valid up to 30 days before Part II)

Standard – $2800 + GST 

Deposit – $500 + GST  (non-refundable but transferrable) 


About Mandy Trap


A natural born teacher, Mandy Trapp has been inspiring others to live happier and healthier lives for the past two decades. She began her career as a personal trainer at a top private training studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but it wasn't long before she began to explore a more holistic approach to wellness. In 2001 she attended her first yoga teacher training and while yoga would continue to be an active and strong modality that she has both practiced and taught since then, she claims that it was one single page in that first manual that changed her life.

" I remember flipping through the manual on day one to get an idea of what's to come. To be honest, I was still quite fresh out of college and I wasn't thrilled with all of the theory. But, as I flipped that morning, one page grabbed my eye. I had only caught a glimpse of it for a split second but I scrambled to find the page that seemed to jump out of the book and seemed to take my hand. When I found it, I saw a picture of an Indian woman sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed. The title at the top of the page read " Slipping into Silence."  For me, that was the first time that I had ever read or heard those words, but it certainly wasn't foreign to me. In fact, since I was a child I had always had my own meditation practice...although I had no idea what meditation was and certainly didn't think that anyone else did either."

From that moment on, Mandy knew that slipping into silence wasn't something that people needed to learn, but rather, something that they needed to be guided to remember. She knew that the state of meditation and mindfulness was intuitive, but lacked the greater understanding and resources to share that wisdom with others. 

A series of synchronicity's led Mandy to the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing in Sand Diego, California just a couple of years later, where she would learn from Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, Davidji, and a faculty of other well-known and accomplished doctors and Integrative health and wellness experts. There she completed all levels and areas of training and graduated as a Vedic Master Educator. And though she spends a great deal of time in India, Indonesia, and other countries known for their wisdom teachings, she is most grateful for her Chopra education that has harmonized the ancient teachings with the struggles and demands of modern life. And boy does she know the demands of modern life!

Mandy is a busy mom to 3 kids, wife to her husband John, Owner, Creative Director, and Lead Educator at Lifestyle Meditation, and actively serves her community through fundraising and advocating. She is the founder of the India/Nepal Yoga Project, and works with local organizations in those countries to bring about sustainable solutions for healing and helping victims of human trafficking. 

Mandy's teaching style is real, honest, and inspiring. She has currently certified nearly 2,000 teachers but what makes her most excited is to think of the ripple effect that those individuals are having in their homes, their offices, and their communities.