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Foundation 1 Teacher Training: 25 Hour

Limited Spots Available!

If you have additional questions, we're here for you! Please feel free to call or email us at the studio. 415.757.0857 or

25 Hours


With Mandy Trapp

The Anchor Meditation 25-hour Learn to Teach Meditation teacher training certifies you to teach a two-hour introductory meditation workshop, in addition to leading guided individual or group meditations.

Become an inspiring facilitator confidently ready to open the door for others. This 25-hour training is designed to deepen your understanding of the connection between stress and your mental and physical health, and how to sustainably create practices that result in greater overall happiness, freedom and ease. During this 5 module immersion you will:

  • Explore, in depth, the science, philosophy and practicality of meditation and mindfulness

  • Gain a solid understanding of a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques, and how these practices can assist special populations

  • Discover the “Business of Doing Good” as you learn how to practically integrate these teachings back into your circle of influence and desired area to serve.

If you are part of a group or organization who is interested in learning to teach meditation to others, please contact us directly! We would be happy to discuss an organization/group specific training that meets the needs of your larger group.

Early registration – $495 (Expires one week prior to training start date)
Standard standard registration – $595

*Pre-registration is mandatory for this training.

Online course (not in person, all online at your leisure) tuition - $395

Session 1: Sharing the Science on the Impact of Stress
The Primal Stress Response
Shifting the Stress Response
The Role of Meditation
Neuroscience and Meditation

Session 2: Building Resiliency with Meditation
What is Resiliency and Why Does it Matter?|
How to Make Stress Your Friend
The Role of Meditation

Session 3: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times
Meditation Philosophy
The Yoga Sutras
Modern Evolution of Meditation: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Session 4: Exploring Common Practices
Practices of Meditation
Meditation Templates: How to create your own guided meditation

Session 5: The Business of Doing Good
Speaking to Your Audience
Your One-Page Strategic Plan for life and business

Session 6: Introduction to Meditation
Your Role as a Facilitator
Setting up Your Session
Introduction to Meditation: The Workshop