Tarika Lovegarden

Tarika’s meditations are experiential, fun and engaging. She eloquently presents
techniques that are innovative and down-to- earth. Drawing from a range of
meditation methods, she’s responsive to her audience and tailors each presentationto their needs. 

Born into a family of meditators and trained by pre-eminent meditation leaders,
Tarika carries forth her lineage by adapting timeless meditative traditions to
contemporary life challenges. She dives into subject matters wholeheartedly to
design meditation processes and guide others to find their own solutions.

Tarika has been teaching meditation and creating guided meditation programs for
24 years in the USA, Europe and India. She’s a meditation instructor at Stanford
University and has worked with Ebay, Genentech, Oracle, and the Young Presidents Organization. She teaches meditation to patients at Soluna Health, a medical practice in Sausalito, CA.

Author of ‘Meditations on the Fridge’ published in English, Italian, and coming out in Japanese, is a book and guided meditation program to help people make healthy food choices, and maintain their weight mindfully. She’s the co-founder of
Lovegarden Meditations App, co-creator of Workplace Mindfulness Training and the leader of a team of world-renowned meditation leaders.