Skye is a tarot reader and musician who creates intimate experiences designed as opportunities for self-reflection and growth. He approaches the cards with great reverence for their historical importance. Reflecting upon the symbolism and iconography of the cards, he can reveal truths about the patterns and themes we all must navigate as humans on our individual journeys. He finds joy in bringing a deeper awareness and a compassionate perspective to those seeking answers, insight and guidance. Skye has studied with Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing, Robert M. Place and Tarot Society in Brooklyn. As an Aquarius, he's always been tuned into other realms and channels those faraway frequencies into his electronic music. After years of exploring various ceremonial journeys, he's amassed his own collection of esoteric instruments from around the world to create immersive sound meditations to help people explore altered states of consciousness and tune into themselves in a new way.