Paula Pavlova

As a teacher, Paula is focused and committed to illuminating the beauty in our human experience through the teachings of meditation, yoga, crystals, and astrology. She cares deeply about offering space and materials for individuals to drop in and connect to their collective, sacred meaning. Though her work of curating the MoonBox Experience by GAIA Collective, teaching workshops, classes, and private sessions, Paula aims to inspire others to step into the magic of their being and begin to own their destiny. She firmly believes that movement, meditation, and creation of that which sets your heart on fire, is a recipe for self realization -- the fabric of universal compassion.

After 6 years of practicing yoga, Paula traveled to Ubud, Bali to receive her 200-RYT in Vinyasa Flow, and begin teaching in Washington D.C. shortly thereafter. She continued to study with Natasha Rizoplous, Brian Kest, Chanda Creasy, Seane Corne, Sianna Sherman, among others. 2 Years later, she decided to make the big move to the West Coast to continue her yoga education with the Yoga Works 500-hr Professional program as an apprentice to Gigi Snyder in Los Angeles. Through this program Paula was inspired by many teachers including Sarah Ezrin, Jeanne Heileman, and Lisa Wofford. Eventually this led Paula up north to San Fransisco where she now teaches regularly at Anchor Meditation and the Pad Studios. 

Paula is always seeking to learn, seeing the teacher within all people, including her students. Paula safely and carefully creates meditations that bring the mind, body, and spirit together in a calming yet invigorating practice that will both challenge and motivate students of any level. In her classes, Paula creates a musically and artistically inspired environment where community, compassionate self talk, consciousness expansion, encouragement, and self-worth are ever present. Her musical selection is focused on relaxing the mind and balancing the spirit.