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Yvonne Ginsberg Summer Reset

Starting June 15th, we’ll be launching our Summer Reset with acclaimed meditation teacher and therapist Yvonne Ginsberg!  We are honored to have Yvonne lead a  5 week program to Reset Your Mindset, and take you from “Here” to “You Know Where You Want To Be”!  Each week will focus on a different growth oriented mindset, and an accompanying meditation.  We’re not just gonna tell you what to do… you’re too busy for that and frankly, you need some accountability to stick with this when the obstacles come.

Instead, Yvonne will work with you 2x a week so that you can take what little precious time you have and turn into the kind of long term change that lets you stress less, smile more, free your mind, accept life as it is, enjoy the moment and create your destiny.  

Every Saturday, you will participate in a weekly 90 minute small group session designed to deepen your meditation practice, gain a better understanding of the science and spirituality of meditation, practice mindfulness and engage in meaningful discussion.  

Each week, you will have a 1 on 1 session with Yvonne to support you in deepening your practice and addressing areas in which you wish to explore as well as techniques that Yvonne can share to help you live your best life.  (One on one sessions can take place at Anchor or by video call depending on your preference.)

The clock to book your free session to learn if this is a good fit for you expires in just 48 hours.

5 weeks of community to inspire you towards the biggest change of your life…

5 one on one mindfulness coaching + therapy sessions capable of finally bringing presence - peace, love, ease, joy - to your life!

Only 15 spots.  Intimate.  Personalized support + accountability.