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Pins and Premonitions

For centuries, scientists, philosophers, and mystics have studied the brain in great depths searching for the cause of our intuition. And while the debate remains, there is one thing that they all agree on and it's that if there are any answers contained within the brain, the greatest clue likely resides in the mystery and mysticism of the pineal gland.

This tiny pea-sized gland, located in the center of the brain has been at the center of our attention for years. And while we've determined that it is responsible for regulating biological rhythms such as time, sleep, sexual maturation, and stress, perhaps its most intriguing qualities are those that allow us to access higher states of consciousness and alternate realities. Though many people are turning to medicinal supports such as ayahuasca and other psychotropic drugs, there is another well-established, thousands of years old, practice that doesn't require such things. Opening the pineal gland with acupuncture pins at specific moments during deep meditation has been shown to generate similar results. Many participants leave the experience with feelings of transcendence, oneness, and unconditional love.

Join Vedic Master, Mandy Trapp and Acupuncturist Tamara Gervais for this enlightening experience that will open you to new your greatest intuitive abilities where YOU become the creator, healer, and master of your life.

Cost: $45

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