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Ceremonial Sound Healing

Join us for a potent ritual and sonic meditation with Cypress Dubin. This series of New Moon Ceremonial Sound Healings will harnesses our connection to lunar energy and awaken our inner world through resonance.

Our two-hour ritual sound and music experience opens with breath work to prepare the body and mind for deep listening and attunement. We'll journey inward through a sonic dreamscape of Tibetan singing bowls, mantra, transporting vocals, shruti, medicine melodies, gong, sansula, chimes, world and shamanic instruments.  Together, we’ll align with the regenerative energies of the new moon.

Join us for this a small ritual circle! 

Anchor Meditation hosts us at their beautiful and luxurious space. Offering perks like linen throwbeds made with down/microfiber and organic meditation cushions--- their minimalist design offers a calm and deeply held space.

Post journey, you’ll have time to transition and peruse Anchor Meditation's small exquisite shop of crystals and meditation tools. Cypress also be offering a curated selection of Himalayan singing bowls and Indigenous wares (jewelry, pipes, and tapestries) from Peruvian and Columbia tribes. Her singing bowls are hand-pounded from Nepal, ranging from newer 20th Century to Semi-Antique bowls 80-120 years old. 

Come be bathed in luminescence.

Cost: $30

If you have additional questions, we're here for you! Please feel free to call or email us at the studio. 415.757.0857 or