Lauri Poldre

After 14 years working and consulting for various high tech companies, I was surprised to find myself in a state of deep depression. Despite my successes, I felt empty. And though I loved the industry, I knew I had to make a change — continuing this way would not be sustainable, nor healthy.

I began to search for new methods to cure my feelings of depression, confusion and excessive mind chatter. This healing quest led me to discover sound therapy, meditation, and related consciousness-hacking tools — and it was during this quest that I first encountered crystal sound bowls. After experiencing how the powerful, cleansing tones of the crystal sound bowls radically shifted my state of being, I knew I had to learn to play them!

It was not long after that I quit my job — and I spent the next two years passionately devoted to mastering the therapeutic potentials that these crystal bowls promise. During this time, I performed with the crystal sound bowls at numerous events/venues all over the world.

I recently decided to expand my services into the tech world: where it all began for me.

These days, I am empowering tech professionals to discover what I did — that there is another way to live and work within the industry. You can still be ambitious and make an impact in the world — without living in stress!

I assist tech professionals in achieving energetic breakthroughs by harnessing the powerful therapeutic potential of the vibrations emitted by crystal sound bowls. These healing tones entrain the body into a state of balance (homeostasis), DNA repair & cellular regeneration. Increased joy, vitality and creativity is often expected after a crystal bowl session!