kids + teens Online Training

Welcome to our Level 1: Foundations teacher training for Kids and Teens with Mandy Trapp.

This training is great for parents, teachers, and caregivers of children of all ages and teaches practical tools and strategies that can be used to support their mental and emotional health and development. 

No previous experience is necessary, only a desire to learn, play, and share what inspires you with those you care about most. This training is an integration of science/ research, practical tools and strategies, as well as our philosophy around what makes for happy and successful children. 

This training can be completed at your own pace and we encourage you to practice what you are learning while you are learning it! Upon completion, you will be required to send us an email with a final one-page essay after sharing your experience in teaching some of what you have learned with others (young or old!)


The Anchor Meditation 25-hour Online Meditation Teacher Training certifies you to teach a two-hour introductory meditation workshop, in addition to leading guided individual or group meditations. The program includes 5 videos, 5 documents and 6 lessons.

SESSION 1: The Impact of Stress on the Developing Brain
Fight of Flight
Chronic Stress in Kids
Reframing the Stress Response
Neuroscience for the developing brain

SESSION 2: The Pillars of Happy and Successful Kids (part 1)
Teaching Self- Regulation
Empowering Resiliency

SESSION 3: The Pillars of Happy and Successful Kids (part 2)
Taking Responsibility
Nurturing Compassion

SESSION 4: Meditation Practices
Exploring common practices
Meditation Script Resources

SESSION 5: Sharing Meditation with Kids and Teens
Developing your session for kids, teens, and adults
Self-care before Health-care


$395.00 (all payments are non-refundable)


  • You may begin your training at any time and complete it at your convenience. We do recommend a completion time of 30-60 days for an optimal learning experience.

  • Upon registration, you will receive access to both the video and written content.

  • Upon completion, you will be required to submit a final assignment which includes:

    • One-page essay describing what resonated with you in the training and how you can implement the information into your career, life, etc. 

    • Your mailing address where we can send your certificate to.