Karuna Patel

Karuna is Awesome! She’s a lover of life and believes that our energy and state of Being is everything and can be the source to lead us in the direction we desire.

She brings a two-folded teacher experience as an integrative physical therapist and wisdom practitioner. She teaches the Pain Release Meditation class.

Her own practice has been a journey of yoga and meditation for 22 years in a variety of practices from body scanning, breath work, and Vipassana meditation.

She’s the founder of the amazing Turtle Rabbit Physical Therapy & Integrative Performance that focuses on combining physical therapy with physical awareness to heal naturally.

She lives and breathes well-being as is a lover of science, wisdom, and people. Her passion are kids, well-being, and education.

You can learn more about her and her journey at http://www.turtlerabbitsf.com/san-francisco-physical-therapist-karuna-patel/