When to Arrive
Come early. Our sessions start on time. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance. Settle in with some tea, ease into your meditation experience.

What to Wear
Come as you are! We suggest wearing something comfortable to sit in, whether jeans, work attire or workout clothes. We ask that you remove your shoes at the door, so please bring socks or feel free to go barefoot.

What classes are best for beginners?
All classes are designed for both new students and experienced meditators. The class meets you wherever you are. 

Do I need to bring anything for class?
We provide back jacks (floor chairs with back support), meditation cushions, blankets, and even have regular chairs for those who prefer to sit with their feet on the ground.  We have eye cushions for extra relaxation.  Your comfort is our priority.  If you prefer lying down during meditation, you are welcome to do so on one of our down and feather throwbeds.  Most people prefer to remove their shoes.  You may wish to bring a warm pair of socks to keep your toes warm.

Do you offer Teacher Training?
Yes, we want to empower you to teach meditation. To request additional information, please inquire.

Can I bring my child?
Children over 12 and accompanied by a parent are permitted. You know your child best, so if you are confident they can sit for 45 minutes, bring them. We hope to offer children’s classes soon. Our teachers are available for private sessions, group sessions and family sessions, so if you’re interested, please inquire.

Late Policy
Unfortunately late comers can be a disruption to other's experience.  Life happens and we get it. We will help you get quietly situated for the first few minutes of class. Thank you for understanding we must enforce a strict no entrance policy after a few minutes of the class start time. We welcome you to arrive early, and are open at least 20 minutes prior to each class to ensure time for you to relax and get situated.

Cancellation Policy
Our classes have a 12-hour cancellation/change policy. Private sessions have a 24-hour cancellation/change policy. Once your class is canceled it will be returned to your account for later use. 

  • If you late cancel or are a "no show ", you will be automatically charged for the class or session.

  •  If you have a monthly or new client unlimited membership and cancel late, you will be charged a late cancel fee of $10. 

  • If you late cancel and have a class package you will lose the class.

  • You may cancel a class online or through email. 

  • No refunds for Events or Workshops. 

  • Class packages will expire after 3 months if not used. 

2 hour metered parking is available. If you are joining us for a workshop
or special event, you may want to consider parking in a garage. 
The following garages are within a few blocks of the studio.

Wells Fargo Garage
1910 Union Street Garage

Union Street Plaza Garage
2001 Union Street

Union Laguna Garage
1900 Union Street

Gift Cards
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