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6 Week Transformational Soul Manifestation Experience


Exciting news! We are offering this as a self-guided course at a discounted price beginning 6/15, sign up here to be the first to be notified!

What is conscious creation?


When I discovered I could create my own reality, my life completely changed! Right now, you’re already creating and attracting all that you’re experiencing in life because your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs create your world moment by moment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Becoming a conscious creator allows us to create and attract more of the experiences we’d really enjoy in our lives, and is the most self empowering journey available to us.


Until you learn to create consciously, you’re creating unconsciously... When you create unconsciously, you’re most likely unhappy with some things in your world.


Conscious creation is simply becoming aware of what you think, feel, and believe, and intentionally directing your thoughts, choosing your emotions, and changing your beliefs so that they are in alignment with what you desire - health, wealth, love, happiness, success, joy, great relationships, jobs, homes, personal growth, contribution to the world. We simply place focus on the desires we want to manifest and identify limiting beliefs, judgements and attitudes that are preventing us from attracting the experiences we want.

You are the creator of your destiny.

When you get this down it will be a new way of being in your world. You’ll stop reacting to what happens outside of you and begin to choose your state of being from moment to moment.

If you’re ready to get into the driver’s seat of your own life, I’d love to be your guide!

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"I learned that many of our worries set us into a negative spin –but we can control our minds and thoughts setting the course differently. I am now empowered to STOP the cycle of negativity and find balance in the present moment. This is a great course for anyone who is open to looking inside.”
- Bonnie
"It was transformative."
- Liz
“Intention, combined with detachment leads to life-centered, present-moment awareness. And when action is performed in present moment awareness, it is most effective. Your intent is for the future, but your attention is in the present. As long as your attention is in the present, then your intention will manifest, because the future is created in the present. You must accept the present as it is. Accept the present and intend the future. The future is something you can always create through detached intention, but you should never struggle against the present.”

Deepak Chopra The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success


6 Modules Over 6 Weeks Beginning Wednesday May 11th

Each Module Consists of a Workshop and 4 Meditations Outlined Below




In Module 1 We’ll Explore Relaxation: Shifting into relaxation lays the foundation for positive transformation in your life. Reconnect with your inner sanctuary and shift into a state of ease, connectedness, and harmony through rebalancing the body and nervous system.

Includes a Workshop and the below Meditations:
  • My Morning Practice
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Grounding
  • Root Chakra


In Module 2 We’ll Explore Loving-Kindness and Compassion:
Cultivate present, open-hearted attentiveness with yourself and others, activate your natural response of action in the face of suffering.


Includes a Workshop and the below Meditations:
  • Loving Kindness
  • Self-Compassion
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Somatic Compassion




In Module 3 We’ll Explore Emotional Awareness: Become aware of how you feel without judging or shutting down. Practice the skills of attention, awareness, allowing, acceptance, and curiosity. Emotions arise to be felt, not changed. Be the observer and detach from it while feeling it. There is nothing wrong with anything you feel. Ever. Access new pathways of thought and action, leading to a new emotional response to things that would have overtaken us in the past.


Includes a Workshop and the below Meditations:
  • RAIN
  • Allowing Difficult Emotions
  • Affirmations
  • Gratitude




In Module 4 We’ll Explore  Brain Training: Train your brain to have an optimal mindset with practices based on science, psychology, and ancient wisdom. Learn practices and gain tools to free yourself from limiting beliefs, blockages, outdated stories, unnecessary worry, unforgiveness, suppression, fear, anxiety, and even physical pain and grief.

Includes a Workshop and the below Meditations:
  • Chakra Cleanse
  • Future Self Visualization
  • Abundance
  • Choosing Love Over Fear




In Module 5 We’ll Explore Open-Heartedness: Practice remaining open-hearted, regardless of circumstances. An open heart is forgiving, generous, appreciative, connected, thankful, and grateful while a closed heart is frustrated, impatient, fearful, shut-down, judgemental, resentful. An open heart can guide you to your highest vision of the highest version of yourself and assist you in connecting with your Higher Self, who is connected to all that is, to be your guide, and thrive!


Includes a Workshop and the below Meditations:
  • My Morning Practice
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Grounding
  • Root Chakra




In Module 6 We’ll Explore  Manifestation: Define yourself as a vision of the future. By turning towards the soul, the heart, and the self, and attuning to your intelligence and intuitive guidance, you align with your Highest Self mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically enabling you to create the life of your dreams.


Includes a Workshop and the below Meditations:
  • Chakra Cleanse
  • Future Self Visualization
  • Abundance
  • Choosing Love Over Fear

Register Today and Receive the Following Bonuses:

  • Intention Setting Workshop: Get crystal clear on your wants, your needs, and your desires.
  • Breathwork Practice: Breathwork is one of the most powerful ways to shift our energy, our frequency, and open to new ways of thinking, being, and navigating the world. Release whatever is ready to be let go of - anger, resentment, fear, stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs, blocks, self-doubt, inner conflict, tension, low vibrations, judgment, sadness... Open your heart, receive love, and vibrate higher through a breathwork experience that encompasses deep, rhythmic breaths curated to a musical playlist.    
  • How to Create a Soothing Meditation Space at Home

Hi, I'm Kelly

I’m the founder of Anchor Meditation as well as a wife and a mother to Michael (16) and Bailey (14). There was a point in my life where I found myself in constant stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Amidst juggling family life and a demanding corporate position in San Francisco, I needed a space to breathe.

For the sake of my family – and my own health – I began a daily meditation practice. 

Over the years I have studied various modalities of meditation. This has helped me cultivate many resources that help me connect to calm - especially during these volatile times!

After attending a wellness retreat that turned my life around, I felt inspired to make meditation simple and more accessible to all. I founded Anchor Meditation to provide a place for wonderful souls like you to slow down, reconnect, and anchor in the present moment.

I’m a Certified Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, and a Reiki Practitioner. I feel grateful to have met other highly qualified teachers who make Anchor Meditation amazing on a daily basis!

I promise that meditation can help you see massive improvements in your wellness, happiness, contentment, and sense of ease. How do I know? Because I’ve experienced these benefits first-hand. Now it’s your turn!


  • 6 modules
  • 6 Live Informational Workshops at 6pm PST, including micro-practices, meditation practices, opportunities for individual coaching, and Q&A sessions (recordings available if you’re unable to join live).
  • Community forums to connect with like minded creators and encourage one another
  • 40 Meditations to Support You in Being a Conscious Creator and Manifesting a Life You Love!
  • Access to all course content for an entire year


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Three 1-hour private 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Kelly to support you in:

  • Remembering that you are a Divine Being
  • Identifying Your Desires and Intentions
  • Identifying and Releasing Beliefs, Judgements, and Inconsistencies That Interfere with Your Creation
  • Managing the Flow of Your Energy
  • Taking Inspired Action
  • Noticing Your Reality Responding Through Signs and Synchronicities
  • Maintaining a High Vibration and Surrendering the “How”
  • Being Open and Receptive 

(***Limited to first 10 participants who choose this option due to time constraints! You will receive an invitation to book your three sessions upon signing up.)

Enroll Today

At the end of 6 weeks, you will:

Experience relaxation anytime you choose, regardless of chaos, confusion, distraction, circumstance, or situation
Be more loving, kind, and compassionate towards yourself and others, FREEING you from judgement, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and habitual patterns that have previously kept you from being in the flow of life
Gain tools that empower you to be in charge of your emotional state, your energy, and your attention
Have clarity, focus, and an understanding of how you are the creator of all your experiences and can manifest anything you want!
Tap into the intelligence of your heart to live a happier, healthier, more meaningful life
Know how to bring everything you want to feel and experience into tangible reality

"I have a tendency to focus on negative thoughts, sometimes in an almost obsessive loop. I've struggled with negative thinking my whole life - not just during the pandemic. This course was essential in helping me transform my inner-critic to an inner-cheerleader, and as a result I am feeling much happier.
I believe it is SO critical that people learn and experience the information, techniques, and strategies laid forth in this course, especially during times like these. I encourage you to join the course, you’ll be glad you did!”

- Emily

Here’s what you can expect in The Ultimate Meditation Course:

6 Weeks of LIVE Workshops

Each week I support you in releasing stressful thoughts and emotions, relaxing into your body, and realizing your highest potential. Workshops at 6pm PST. Recordings are available if you're unable to join live.

40 Guided Meditations

Unique guided meditations so you can experience which practices are most beneficial to you. Meditations range from 1to 40 minutes and can be enjoyed for an entire year!

Daily Micro-Practices

Learn micro-practices to support you each day in feeling well, living intentionally, practicing gratitude, and consciously creating a life you love.

Journal Prompts

Daily prompts, quotes, affirmations, and mantras to help you integrate new insights into your life.

Supportive Guidance

Loving and supportive guidance of a certified meditation teacher, breathwork facilitator, reiki healer, and spiritual guide throughout the course.

Tools to Integrate

Science-backed wisdom and practical tools to use in your daily life.

Conscious Creation Accelerator

$444.00 USD
Conscious Creation Accelerator

$1,099.00 USD
3-Payment Option
3-Payment Option
***Scholarship spots are available for teachers, first responders, or BIPOC. Please email me for details.
"The knowledge that Kelly gave us on the science, history, and studies behind Meditation was invaluable. I was blown away.

In this course I learned that forgiveness was a key component to bringing me peace! Kelly shared some great tools and practices to help us forgive others as well as ourselves.

I also gained clarity! I learned to really be still and tune into the messages my body and energy are trying to send me. I now know to take the time to be still and be with my emotions rather than ignoring/resisting them.

My final recommendation is, don’t hesitate! Just sign up and give it a try! You won’t regret it!”

- Caroline