Carving out this time for yourself can lead to the greatest rewards in your life.

We offer a variety of courses designed for those new as well as more experienced to the world of meditation. All sessions are designed to deepen your connection with yourself and to focus on what’s happening at this exact moment. With classes designed for the hyper over-scheduled, we offer daily 30-45 minute classes.


Breath is the life force of our energy. In this class we will focus on Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) to stimulate our nervous system with that life force and establish balance within the body, mind, and spirit with the added benefits of aromatherapy through diffusing, breathing in, and placing Essential Oils on certain parts of the body. Through this practice you will leave feeling centered, restored, and aligned with the very thing that gives you life -- your breath.


Combine inner energy movement, breath, relaxation
and sound to assist the energy system within the body to open, balance and align. Increase vitality by learning how to work with energy in your body and bring your physical health and mental attitude to a more peaceful state. This practice can help you heal by loosening constrictions within the body and mind that have developed over a lifetime.


Breathwork is an active, guided meditation that clears the body of stuck energy and releases suppressed emotions. This breathwork technique is a cathartic, somatic experience that allows us to tap into a deeper level of the subconscious to reveal inner truths and shine light on that which has been hidden or buried deep within us. Conscious breathing is a doorway to our intuition. Breathwork healing naturally activates respiration, energizes, cleanses and reconnects the body to a state of maximum balance on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. The flood of oxygen increases self clarity by calming the central nervous system.

Breathwork is done lying down flat with a luxurious throwbed, eye pillow and blanket to aid in complete relaxation from the days stress and worries. Gentle and encouraging guidance from the teacher, along with an array of aromatherapy and grounding tools may be used throughout the meditation. A contemporary soundtrack will accompany the practice resulting in clarity, improved sleeping patterns and an overall lift in mood or spirit. After a session, participants report feeling lighter, less burdened, more open, and with a new sense of clarity about how to move forward in their lives.


Ease your way into the evening as we slow down to truly connect with ourselves - allowing us to cultivate our relationship with our intuition and our heart. We can free ourselves from the plethora of information thrown at us throughout the day, which always leaves us to constantly look for external validations for truths that are already well inside us. In this class we will guide you to release all excess distractions that prevent you from hearing your intuitional nudges, as we journey into your heart to embody what we really want to be.


We pick up a lot of energy during our week from our work environments  and our relationships.  It's  important when the weekend arrives to cleanse and purify through movement, breath and meditation.


An opportunity to travel through your energy body and clear the blocks you might find as well as acquire insight and information about your psychology, your dharma and your spiritual nature. Each Monday we will focus on a specific chakra and dive deep into its significance for you! 


Crystals vibrate a specific frequencies, which correlate with the seven energetic centers, or chakras, of our bodies. We will match the stones with the energy centers on the body, and spend some time focusing on the healing powers each stone has with each energetic center from Root to Crown. The session will begin with handling and understanding the crystals and their meanings, followed by a seated meditation with a stone of your choosing. Every day your body is shifting energetically and sometimes certain crystals will resonate with you more than others. Each session is an opportunity to explore, align, and refine the subtle body and heal stuck energies. In each class, we will practice a variety of mindfulness practices from mantra (chanting) to pranayama (breath work) and visualization techniques.


Join Christa on Sunday evenings to deepen your practice by discovering the quiet spaces within, opening up to the deeper teachings of the great masters and by learning from enlightening wisdom of our community. We will meditate for 20 minutes, explore techniques and discuss there implications in our lives.


Life moves so quickly these days and taking even just a bit of time to focus on an intentional practice can help improve the quality of everyday life.

Accessible to all, everyday rituals are the things we do to connect deeper with ourselves on a daily basis: lighting an incense, chanting a mantra, sitting with a cup of tea are just a few ways to experience more depth.

Expansion occurs and even mundane things will seem a bit more colorful and more meaningful. Come experience fun, yet profound, ways to access the calm and relief that arise when we commit to ourselves regularly. We will sit in meditation during this class, as well.


Come practice shifting from a busy mental narrative to an alert yet relaxed inner stillness that allows you to connect more with your inner wisdom/guidance and with a field of spaciousness and joy and re-Source yourself there. Calm your system while activating clear and positive energy for the week ahead. Expand and deepen your meditation practice as we incorporate the potent tools of pranayama, kriya, mantra, mudra, and sutras to support our intentions.


This meditation will support you in getting into your body, clearing any stuck energy, and begin your day feeling grounded and centered. The crystal bowls healing energy will penetrate your mind and body to provide you with deep restoration. You will  be guided through a visualization supported by your breath to let go of the past and create new intentions for the future.


Everything is Energy. Our thoughts and intentions affect Energy in very real and experiential way. Utilizing these principles, Intuitive Meditation teaches students how to access their own unique ability to experience Energy and utilize it for the purpose of Health and Healing. All levels of Meditators are welcome.


Melt away stress while finding new states of consciousness. Heal mental and energetic blocks held in your body and ground yourself in your meditative heart with this deeply centering and replenishing yoga nidra session. Using systematic relaxation, breath awareness, visualization and deep meditation, this class guides participants to a state of yoga nidra where mental chatter ceases and gives way to deep physical and vibrational healing. Regular practice of yoga nidra helps to dissolve negative patterns, and gives you the strength to rest in the light of your own heart. Accompanied by light singing bowls.


What if you could create anything you want and live a purpose based life of joy and total fulfillment? Manifestation is a universal law available to everyone! You’ll learn how to manifest what your heart truly desires and uncover automatic thoughts and habits that may be sabotaging you. Manifestation requires more than positive thoughts, imagination, vision boards and inner desires, there’s science behind it.

In this class you’ll experience a variety of practices and tools to strengthen your manifestation muscle, expand your knowledge of manifestation and have your questions answered. We will also sit in meditation.


Each of us carry a unique combination of  medicines (qualities and gifts) which are our inner compass to meet life’s challenges in order to help us to hear the whispers deep inside our soul. Welcome to your inner medicines.

This circle will support you in finding both your Sun Medicines and Moon Medicines (shadow) and begin the journey of True Alchemy and deepest transformation.In the safety of the space I hold we travel with guided visualization to find our Spirit guides, ancestors and other messengers to help us hear any messages and discover the inner resources most needed to support you in this moment.


Curious about, mindfulness and meditation? This class is an opportunity to explore the science, art, and practice of sitting. Learn and experience how meditation can be a powerful tool in cultivating more peace, focus, and energy in body and mind. You'll learn to begin to decipher between the thinking mind and the observing higher mind. 


Come learn to offer yourself a daily dose of Kindness.

Most of us easily offer our loved ones compassion when they experience hard times. Yet, when we personally experience challenges, we tend to be self critical & less understanding.

When you combine Mindfulness (the act of noticing what is happening in the present moment) with Self-Compassion (the practice of being kind & understanding with yourself) you can learn to soothe your body, mind & spirit. 

Mindful Self-Compassion helps you connect deeply with yourself, experience ease-fulness, & create a deep feeling of personal freedom. It is a powerful way to support yourself in knowing that it is safe to be you, all of you, in all of your different parts & messiness. 

All of your being is welcome here.

During this class you will be guided inward through a 30 minute Self-Compassion meditation. This will be followed by a 15 minute wisdom discussion focused on offering you practical ways to bring self-compassion into your daily life.


This class experience is created with the intention to address pain through the inner pathway. To release the pain, we will first open the idea of connecting within yourself, so that we can see the pain for what it truly is, a separate entity and identity that is a part of our body, and not who we are.

It is an experiential meditation to go inwards and that will allow the pain to release and be pain-free. This can be applied to physical or emotional pain.

Positions for meditations will be open to sitting on the floor or chair, or lying down to allow for maximal comfort. You will also leave with tools to continue on your journey until the next class.  

Class format: Guided and Unguided meditation with possible Q&A at the end dependent on the present moment.  


In this guided meditation series, Coltrane Lord introduces the Sacred Cosmic Laws of Awakening and takes us through a mystical realm of shadow & light to help reignite the passion + purpose of the soul.


Deeply relax and explore meditation through the guiding nature of music and plants. This is a unique sound meditation experience where we use gently applied sound pulses, plant generated music, virtual and crystal instruments, aromatherapy, and projections of the visual nature of sound to help you reach deeper brainwave states. 

Take advantage of the many relaxing qualities curiously embedded within plants and ambient music that help melt away accumulated stress and encourage healthier sleep patterns. Focusing on your breathing, the music in the air, and the space in between the notes will deepen your meditation practice and teach your brain how to clear overgrown neural pathways, leading you towards a healthier mind, body, and spirit.


Growing up doesn't have to be tough. In this class, we will explore the art of meditation, tailored to the younger soul. From learning how to utilize our breath, tap into our heart space, and create a mind-body connection that can be implemented in and out of the classroom, students will gain the tools necessary to gracefully navigate through tricky times and maintain a positive spirit through their school days and beyond.


Each week we will focus on topics related to your personal well being. Examples include abundance, acceptance, authenticity, grounding, letting go, relaxation, confidence, resilience, happiness wisdom and flow. Come as you are, leave feeling better.


Experiences are longer than our 45 minute meditation classes.  Guests lay on luxury throwbeds, snuggled under warm blankets and can opt for lavender scented eye pillows to facilitate going within.   Often times more than one guide is facilitating the experience.  Please note the rate for experiences is $35, and are not included in class packages, with the exception of monthly members.


Sand will lead us to the realms where ancestors and spirit await us with their healing and guidance to share. We spend the majority of our waking lives interacting with the world around us, often forgetting the other realm of non-ordinary reality of which we are a part. A powerful opportunity awaits us when we journey deep within ourselves and out beyond the ordinary, where we can encounter spirit and ancestors waiting to share their love, wisdom and guidance. Sand creates a safe and sacred space in which we can journey, with purpose and intention, to find the support that we most need in this moment of our lives. This unique experience fuses shamanic tradition and practices with mindfulness and sacred touch, aided by carefully curated songs and rhythm, all designed to serve our highest good and lead us towards remembering the truth of who we are.

Some participants return from this journey with clear accounts of experiences from way beyond their normal range of consciousness, others have less conscious recall but report a sense of greater peace or comfort with the choices they are facing. This is an experience not to be missed.


2 teachers will co-create a space bringing sounds of the gong, crystal and alchemy singing bowls, drums, chimes, and singing, to the ears hearts and bodies of all attending.  A safe and nurturing environment is established for individuals to tune into their inner wisdom to access higher levels of consciousness and realign with their true hearts desires.

We will lie back and slowly enter into a deeply relaxing state, letting the sound-energy cut through our pain, patterns, and attachments, while the vibrations enter the core of our cells. These high frequencies can change vibratory patterns to the deepest level of our being, “resetting” our system to a balanced state by bringing coherence back to the core of our cells.

In addition to the sound immersion, by acting as a conduit for reiki, Becca will invoke sacred symbols and channel the universal life force energy, we will receive the reiki frequencies to assist in enhancing the radiance of one’s aura, clearing, harmonizing and activating the chakras, stimulating the senses and restoring balance.

A fantastic night of sleep usually follows!!