Caity Flanagan

As a Modern-Day Medicine Woman and Somatic Life Coach, Caity Flanagan weaves together ancient technologies and the contemporary science of somatic coaching, herbal medicine, shamanic & earth-based healing practices, and tantric meditation to create experiences of deep transformation for her clients. Caity works between worlds bringing her unique style of coaching, meditation, and healing practices off the land and to urban spaces, mission-driven companies educational institutions, wellness centers. Wherever she goes, Caity creates a palpable experience that leaves her clients deeply grounded, wholly embodied and connected to their life's purpose, which in turn supports them to thrive in their lives. Caity firmly believes that “in our rapidly evolving world of technology, we cannot forget that our body’s innate wisdom is our greatest revolutionary resource”. Caity is devoted to connecting all beings to their bodies, their purpose, and the earth as an act of personal and collective revolution and healing.


Her background includes a B.A. in Holistic Herbalism from Goddard College, alongside over 500 additional hours of training in plant medicine practices from expert herbalists. Caity has had the gift and privilege of studying over 500 hours of training within the modalities tantric meditation, somatic life coaching, and ontological leadership and she continues to be a devoted student these teachings. Caity regularly teaches workshops throughout the U.S., traveling to bring plant medicine and wisdom teachings from the natural world. She also works with individuals and corporate clients through her private Somatic Coaching Practice, offering trauma-informed and somatic coaching, education and trainings. She is devoted to sharing the wisdom and technology of somatic work across fields and communities, as she truly believes this is medicine we all need.