Breathwork Facilitator Training Level 1 and 2

Level 1: Saturday, November 2nd from 12:30pm - 7:30pm
Level 1: Sunday, November 3rd from 9:00am - 4:00pm

Level 2: Saturday, January 25th from 12:30pm - 7:30pm
Level 2: Sunday, January 26th from 9:00am - 4:00pm

Regular Price: $1,200
Early Bird Price: $1,000 (prior to 10/1/19)

This training is for:

  • People who feel called to bring the healing practice of Revelation Breathwork to serve others.

  • Coaches, therapists, counselors, etc. – anyone in the healing arts who wants another powerful tool to support their clients.

  • Anyone who wants to continue their healing work and dive deeper into their own healing and True Nature; even if you have no desire to facilitate this process with someone else. 

In this training, you will learn how to:

  • Elevate your healing consciousness & deepen your intuition

  • Understand healing work in the context of spiritual psychology

  • Learn how to support people through big emotional experiences

Level 1 training, you will learn how to:

  • Facilitate a powerful 1:1 healing session

  • Learn the science of the breath and RB technique

  • Receive tools for optimal energy clearing

  • Avoid common mistakes healers make (this one is huge!)

Level 2 training, you will learn how to:

  • Facilitate an impactful session for couples in relationship

  • Lead and manage the energy of large groups through a Revelation Breathwork experience

  • Heal your relationship with money and learn to LOVE sales and enrollment (really!)

  • Continue your own healing so that you can show up and lead with confidence

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Photos courtesy of Tyler Golden.

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What people are saying:

"This training has helped me open a deeper place of healing inside of myself. It's not just for people who want to facilitate; it's for anyone who wants to heal themselves." - JK   

“Jason and Maura are masterful facilitators. They complement each other perfectly in how they deliver information and guide you in applying it with others. The weekend was the perfect combination of hands-on experience, presenting, group discussion, and take-home materials.” - SD

“Adding Revelation Breathwork to my skill set as a healer allows me to offer another tool to support people. What was incredibly valuable was the approach Jason and Maura bring to this work. I’ve heard this messaging before in other places, but in this training, I felt it.” - LM


Will I receive a certification?

Successful completion of Level 1 and Level 2 will result in a certification in Revelation Breathwork. We will be offering an advanced Level 3 in mid-to-late 2020 that will offer people another level of deep inner work that will support their ability to serve others even more effectively.

Do I need to have done breathwork before?

No. We have had several participants who were new to Revelation Breathwork (or anytime of breathwork) coming into the training. It’s a simple technique that anyone can learn quickly.

How is Revelation Breathwork different than other types of breathwork?

I love this question! I was trained and certified by David Elliot. When I started leading other people through the process, I would ask them, “Have you ever done breathwork before?” Many would reply, “Yes.” But then after our session they would always say, “I’ve never done anything like that before!” I quickly learned that breathwork is a general term for any kind of breathing exercises. My intention behind Revelation Breathwork is not to claim that I invented this technique or own it in any way. My experience in doing this work was one of revelation. I would experience insights, healings, and have experiences that were beyond my small self, but coming from within. They were revelatory. So this is the energy and intent I offer others through this work. That YOU experience your True Self, perfect, whole (not lacking anything), and innocent. That is why I created Revelation Breathwork.

What makes your training different from others?

There are many great trainings out there. I would recommend you choose one that resonates for you.

I think what a lot of people connect with is our balance of the practical and spiritual. On the surface, we are both working professionals balancing work, family, and our relationship. But what’s underneath is our individual and collective commitment to growth and healing. 

In short, we can meet people where they are at because we have so much experience working with different types of people. What we have found is that all people share a common human experience. So whether you are a CEO, pro athlete, entreprenuer, working mother, yoga instructor, graphic designer, we will speak to you in a lanugage you can understand and connect with.

Another thing that I think sets our training apart is our foundation in the principles and practices of spiritual psychology that we have been using in our personal and professional lives for 25 years collectively.  

Do I need to do Level 1 to attend Level 2?

Yes. The foundation of this work and essential skills are established in Level 1. Even if you are a healing practitioner of a different discipline, or a certified breathwork teacher from another training, we are confident that our Level 1 is valuable and essential for moving on to Level 2.

Is this training only for people who want to facilitate others?

Not at all. About 75% of the people who attend the training have little interest in facilitating others at first. These people attend because they want to deepen in and receive their own healing, and gain powerful and effective tools for themselves. With that said, many of these same people start facilitating sessions for others because they want to be of service and are moved to share their experience with others.

meet Jason & Maura, your co-facilitators


Jason Amoroso, J.D., M.A., is the founder of Revelation Breathwork and a coach specializing in high performance, purpose, leadership, and self-mastery. He brings over a decade of experience in the healing arts working with pro athletes, U.S. Navy SEALs, Olympians, executives, entrepreneurs, couples, teens, etc. He brings an authentic, joyful style that encourages people to step into their highest potential in a safe, supportive space.

Dr. Maura Moynihan, M.A. is the founder of Rosewood Family Healing Center, a full-service alternative health clinic that has been helping families for over 14 years. Dr. Maura practices chiropractic, cranio sacral, and is a skilled life coach. She’s also the co-founder of The Rising Tide, a transformational 6-month women’s group. Her knowledge and skill in healing work is truly extraordinary.

Jason and Maura are native N.Y.ers who moved to L.A. in 2001. They reside in Culver City and have four sons that keep them busy and breathing.