Why you don't always need a plan

"You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you need to just breathe, let go and trust that everything will work out."

Who says that we need to plan every second of every day?

I often feel "lazy" if I don't send that last email (just one more!), or use up every second of that free hour. If you're like me, it's easy to feel like a failure if we're not constantly the most proactive, the most involved, or the most efficient. 

But this month I am actively trying to release control and trust. To do my best and go with the flow. To let go of the plans.

I think that in the summertime, it's especially easy to start this practice. The lack of schedules, and spending time with those we love gives us the ability to create space for ourselves. 

Try it out in small ways. Maybe it's changing your morning routine in favor of a slow breakfast. Maybe it's letting the emails flow in and deciding instead to go for an evening walk.

Whatever way you choose to let go of the plans and trust - know that a cushion will be here for you. 

Let's meditate together soon.