Why Meditating in a Group Is So Impactful

"Connection is the energy that exists between when they feel seen, heard and valued."

As you know, this month at Anchor we're all about the importance ofconnection. We have been so amazed at all the ways we've connected with you over the past few weeks - and can't wait to keep it up!

What I've realized is that in our world today it's easy to make surface-level connections. It's much less uncomfortable or time consuming to scroll through someone's Facebook feed rather than ask how they are doing.  It's easier to skim the surface than get deep.

At Anchor, we thrive off of creating space for those deep connections. And, science backs us up - everything is better when shared in person. 

Here are some of the reasons why meditating together are beneficial:

  • It helps us build a habit: Meditating in groups can provide the necessary encouragement to build a consistent habit.
  • It's better for our physical health: Loneliness is bad for your health - there's research that shows joining a group of any kind can cut your risk of dying. 
  • It literally helps us get on a similar wavelength: EEG results show brainwaves synchronize while meditating. 

We loved celebrating and meditating with you in new ways all month - and we have many exciting plans coming up. Keep an eye out for our announcements over the coming month.

And, enjoy your last few days of 20% off Athleta during our residency until 8/27!