Why Intention Setting Will Change Your Life

"Every morning, you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them."

Setting intentions (or in other words, "goals"), are an important practice to make a daily habit. For me, it's changed my life.

It's easy to move through life almost mindlessly - one moment it's the New Year, the next it's July 4th (right?!). Life somehow has a way of sneaking up on us - and those "goals" we set in the beginning of the year are lost with in our never-ending to do lists. 

When I began setting intentions, not just at specific times of the year, but nearly every day it helped me live more presently. It enabled me to face the things I've been wanting to do - saying I would - while also being realistic with myself. It gave me permission to feel all the feelings without getting overwhelmed by them.

So, in honor of our monthly theme at Anchor, Release + Let Go, I want to share some of the ways that I set intentions consistently in my life:


(1) Get quiet: Give yourself some time alone to get clear on what you want. Remove the noise, the kids, the emails and ask yourself: what is it that I want or need?

(2) Write it down: Once you've found what you need, write it down somewhere that you could see it. Whether it's in a personal journal or a note on the fridge - keep it in clear view.

(3) Set a mantra: Mantras are extremely helpful for  keeping yourself going when the times get rough. Think of a short sentence or a word that you can turn to when delivering on that intention gets rough. 

You can set intentions on a large scale or a small one. In each of our classes, we begin (and end) with intention setting - one my favorite parts of class. It helps me remember that we're never, ever alone. 

What are you favorite ways to set intentions? I would love to hear from you!