Trust - The Universe has your back

"You can only lose what you cling to."

This month at Anchor our theme is Trust

In our world today, one where it feels like almost everything is uncertain, trusting feels difficult to do. Whether it's fearing for our safety as citizens or the bubbling anxiety over everyday decisions, it can be hard to trust that everything is unfolding how it's meant to. 

But, it will. 

And, meditation teaches us that. In my own practice, I have been focusing on allowing myself to surrender and go with the flow. To be at peace with the present moment. To trust. 

Each time that I feel anxiety or stress for our brothers and sisters around the world - or even for my family's future - I turn to my breath. I let go. And I remember that the only thing I can control is my response. 

And, my ability to find peace in the present moment.

This month in class, our teachers will be helping us all develop trust in ourselves. We will be practicing allowing ourselves to go with the flow - to trust that we can handle whatever may come up.