The Gift of Meditation

"The thing about meditation become more and more you."

Hi friends,

It was about this time last year when the idea of Anchor came to me. I was driven by this deep desire to learn more about meditation after I noticed how a simple 10-minute at home practice made a huge difference in my sleep, my pain, my stress, my relationships, and my overall sense of well being.  

But, a little something was missing. I needed a community to share my practice with.

A random comment from a friend about the popularity of meditation studios set me on my journey. The seed was planted, and the rest was history. I was determined to seek out and share the amazing teachers I have encountered on my quest to learn more about meditation, mindfulness, energy, sound and vibration. 

My greatest motivation in opening the studio is to share the gift of meditation with you.  It has been such a gift in my life, I want to share the love! 

And boy, have I been feeling the love these past few months. 

I feel energized and passionate about the positive shifts you're experiencing at Anchor, and the community we're building.  Just as I experienced, meditation seems to be having a great impact on your lives too.  

But, meditation is called a practice because it does take practice.  

This week, while we are taking a break this week from classes at Anchor, I will be practicing staying present. We recently had our first "sold out" class, which was a huge goal for me from the moment we launched. 

After class, I couldn't tell why but I felt...odd. I came home and shared the news with my hubby.  He was so happy for me, but I couldn't get that weird feeling out of my gut. I thought I "should" feel elated!  Instead I feel apprehensive.  I felt an immediate urge to set the next goal.

One of the main benefits of meditation for me, is that it has allowed me to become a witness to my thoughts.  Noticing that I felt apprehensive, and thought I should feel elated was fascinating. I asked: Why do I think I should feel elated?  Why do I feel apprehensive?  

Our culture is built around achievement.  From a very young age, we are encouraged to compete to be the best, to win, to set goals, to achieve.  I set a goal and I achieved it!  Yay.  Time to celebrate. 

Except, instead of relishing the experience (in the present moment), I felt the immediate need to set a new goal (for the future).  I also kind of have the natural tendency to look back (at the past) and wish we had sold out of first class sooner!

Ah!  Why do we torture ourselves like this?  One important lesson I've learned on this journey is that if we wish the past were any different or better than it is, we're living in the past.  If we experience fear, worry or anxiety, those are about the future.  None of those things exist in the present moment.  The present moment is all there is.  

I'll be practicing letting go of any wishing things in the past were different or better.  I'll be practicing staying present, appreciating all the goodness in my life, and all the wonderful people who are part of the Anchor community.  I'll be practicing creating the future of Anchor, getting out of my own way and going with the flow.  I'll be slowing down from constantly "doing" one thing, then another, then another.  I'll be practicing "being."

What will you be up to?  I hope you'll join me in taking some time to just be.