The Pause + Reset Challenge

"What if we recharged ourselves as often as we did our phones?"

There is power in quietness. In stillness. In pausing and reflecting. 

In our world today, it's easy for us to constantly be on the go. We are often running from work to the gym to cooking dinner without a breather. And, when we finally have the chance to slow down, we are so drained from our constant movement - we don't have the energy to reflect. 

So, here's a challenge for you to think about: What would happen if you took some time to recharge? 

At the end of this month, Anchor will be completing this challenge, too. We will be closed from May 27 - June 4 as Batch, our lovely home, creates a brand new space. 

During this time, we will be sharing our favorite ways to reset, recharge, and meditate at home so that you could continue your practice. 

Are you with us?