Our Thoughts Become Our Feelings

Every feeling in your life is created by your thoughts.

Now...let that sink in for a second.

If you are a feeling sad, anxious, frustrated...those feelings are fully controlled by our thoughts. So in order to FEEL better, we should be cultivating higher thoughts.

For example, let’s say you’ve interviewed for your dream job and unfortunately, you aren’t given the offer. You could think “oh shoot my life is over, now I will never succeed.” Or, you can choose higher thoughts by accepting this reality and believing that this decision is making room for better opportunities.

In order to change how we feel, we need to change our thoughts. On paper, it’s quite simple.

But here’s the catch: most of us don’t even realize what we are thinking!

Quite often, we are reacting to our thoughts without having awareness of what is truly going on in our minds. We go by our days without pausing to recognize our thoughts.

So how do we alter our thoughts if we don’t even know what they are?

You might have guessed this by now, but the answer is meditation. Meditation is a practice of being present and watching your mind think.

Our feelings are our guiding principles: they determine what we decide to do in our lives. And our thoughts are the fuel to our feelings (so wouldn’t it be nice to know what they are?).

What we are thinking, determines what we are feeling. What we are feeling, becomes our reality. We are literally co-creating our realities!

Next time you feel yourself entering a negative spiral of thoughts, try to visualize a vacuum pulling the negative thoughts out of your mind and replacing it with compassionate/uplifting ones instead (hey, it works really well for us!).

Here’s to happy thoughts and positive feelings!