Our First Newsletter

"You are not your thoughts, and your thoughts are creating your reality. Practice cultivating your inner world, as your inner world shapes your outer world."

Anchor Meditation started as an idea. And, two months ago that idea became a reality. 

It all started when I began meditating on a daily basis. I began to notice my thoughts more. And not just notice them, but really observe them. Whether I was cooking dinner for my family, or in a work meeting, I was able to witness my feelings instead of being consumed by them.

Since that time, I've seen the immense positive effects that meditation and mindfulness have had on my life. So much so, I knew I needed to share it.

With that, Anchor Meditation was born.


Each Sunday, we will share our favorite mindset, or mantra that we're reflecting on to frame the week ahead. This week, it is: Be curious about your thoughts instead of judging them.

Spend some time thinking how you might re-frame negative thoughts by choosing higher thoughts. The cool thing is (and science backs this up) that we can use our mind to change our brain for the better!

We have the power to choose higher thoughts. I promise--your future self will thank you!

We'd love to see you on a cushion soon. 

With gratitude,