Meditation Needs You

"Meditation is essential. In this modern day and age, it is no longer an option - it is a must."

What if everyone you knew - including yourself - set aside 5 minutes each day to be still?  To turn off their phones and get quiet?  To ground themselves and reflect on who they want to be - not what?

How different would our world be?

Well, I know from my own experience - our world would be kinder. More patient. More forgiving. (A little bit) more calm.

In a world that needs as much love as we can give, let's be the leaders. Let's all set aside some time to release and let go of the tension. The stress. The pressure. Let's take 5 minutes to prioritize ourselves today and meditate. 

Today, I am sending you love. I am sending you whatever you need - the courage, the strength, the commitment - to get on that cushion and spend a few moments in silence. 

Let's meditate together, too. We hope to see you on a cushion soon!