How You Can Supercharge Your Energy

"Everything in life is a vibration."

I recently came across something that gave me chills when I read it: 

Recent research shows that bees are attracted to the energy in flowers, not their color or fragrance.  When flowers bloom, they give off an energetic vibrational frequency to attract pollinators (our friends - the butterflies, hummingbirds & the bees). The pollinators use their superpower antennae to detect those vibrations and make a match. Once the flower has been pollinated, it lowers it's energetic frequency to let the pollinators know to give to another flower friend.

How cool is that? It made me think - if The Universe is so perfectly supporting this tiny slice of life, can I choose to believe that I am supported just as perfectly

...Can we all?

This month is all about reconnecting to our true selves.

Meditation of course is one way to do that, and time in nature is another.  In the human body, lack of harmony manifests as stress, fatigue, negative emotions and physical imbalances. 

Mediating and nature can both help to restore our natural balance, and make us feel better when we're out of sorts.  Flowers emit a subtle energy communicates with the butterflies and can also help bring us back to our natural balance.  May we all take advantage of time in nature during this beautiful time of year in San Francisco.