How To Start a Meditation Practice in 2019

Did you set New Year's Resolutions or goals to make meditation a priority this year? Are you finding it difficult to follow-through? Don't worry, we've got a handful of tips to get you back on track!

5 Tips to Start a Meditation Practice:

1) Do it first thing in the morning:
 Even if it’s just five minutes, consistency is key! We recommend the handy acronym "RPM" (rise, pee, meditate ;)) to remember your AM practice.  

2) Make space: Dedicate space in your home for your practice. Even if it’s just putting your yoga mat in the same spot every morning, having a consistent setting can help cement your meditation rituals.

3) Set an intention: Before you meditate, set an intention to how you want to feel that day. By setting an intention, the benefits of the practice will go beyond the actual meditation time.

4) Focus on the benefits: The more you can establish the connection between meditation and beginning to feel better, the easier it is to practice each day. After meditating, ask yourself how you’re feeling and what has shifted for you to start noticing the positive effects. 

5) Have a lot of self-compassion: Know that you’re trying something new and give yourself praise for making the commitment to explore this practice and do it in a self-loving way. If you miss a few days, that's okay — just come back to your meditation without judgment. After all, it's called a "practice" for a reason!