How to Find Self-Acceptance

"Self love is a sincere acceptance of the past, an agreement to make the most of the present, and a willingness to allow the best to occur in the future."  Yung Pueblo

This month at Anchor, our theme is all about self-acceptance.  

We are working towards finding ways to love ourselves so that in turn, we could love others. We are learning to accept ourselves for who we are right now, flaws and all. 

We are practicing to stop wishing the past were different, and accept it for what it was. Because, when you are no longer able to change a situation, you are challenged to change yourself. 

We are finally allowing ourselves to accept that we are not in control of the future. That we can simply let go of clinging to any particular outcome, since the one person you have the greatest power over is your future self.  

Join us this month to practice self-acceptance. To release judgement. To  love ourselves as who we are in the present moment, and let go of all else. 

Our mantra for this week is: I let go of who I should be, and be who I am.