How many thoughts in a day?

70,000 thoughts. That’s approximately how many thoughts we have in a single day!

Unfortunately, many of our thoughts can lead to stress and anxiety. However, modern neuroscience proves that we can re-wire our neuropathways by choosing higher thoughts. 

And yes you guessed it right, meditation is the path to these higher thoughts.

The purpose of meditation is not to stop your thoughts (impossible!), but to notice your thoughts. Even when you’re not meditating you can start to notice “What am I feeling this moment?” “What is the thought my mind that’s causing this feeling?” “What can I do now to alter my thoughts?”

Personally, I am so fascinated by this and have found it a much more relaxed and enjoyable way of being/living (compared to previously being ruled by the 80,000 unconscious thoughts on my mind🤦🏼‍♀️). It’s so liberating! 

You have full freedom and control over your thoughts. You can choose to do what you want without feeling guilty. You can choose to be lead by the love in your heart, rather than the fear in your mind. 

Choose what you desire in life, and make decisions towards fulfilling those desires. 

With love,