Five reasons to meditate with a group

We talk regularly in our classes and here in our newsletter about the benefits of meditation. But do you know that the benefits of meditation can be even greater when practiced in a group setting?

Here are 5 reasons we at Anchor believe in meditating together:

1. The power of sharing
Research shows through EEG readings that brain waves synchronize through meditating. Group meditation is a true bonding experience in a sacred space, where you find a community of like-minded people who may share spiritual and ideological beliefs.

2. Forming and reinforcing positive habits
The motivation of a group environment helps with the consistency and quality of your practice. Receive the encouragement you need from a group environment to remain consistent so your practice becomes a discipline.

3. Growing through feedback
Meditating in a group setting is beneficial for all experience levels, but especially for beginners. Meditating the correct way takes time and practice, and receiving feedback from others is paramount to improving and refining your meditation techniques as a life skill.

4. Improved sense of belonging
We all want to belong to something greater than ourselves, both through shared experience and belonging to a group with identity. It is easy to feel alone if you try a new discipline in isolation, but being part of a group activity in person helps with loneliness and promotes that necessary sense of belonging.

5. Power and strength in numbers
Group meditation creates synergy. You can be a source of positive support to others on days when they are struggling, and then they can be a source of encouragement and support on days when you are struggling to remain centered.

Whether you're new to Anchor or a regular, we look forward to deepening our meditation practice with you by our side.