Create Space to Grow

"Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and freedom."  Viktor E. Frankl

In the quiet of meditation, we notice that between every thought there is a space.  It's in that space where our freedom of choice resides.  In being with ourselves, we find the pause, the space between each thought.  This is our place of calm, wisdom and strength.

Through my own meditation practice, I learned to respond to triggering situations by pausing and reflecting. By taking a few deep breaths, finding my calm center, and thentaking action.  It helps to laugh out loud (literally) - between kids, bosses, partners and #lovetrumpshate.

We have opportunities to work on this throughout each day!

At Anchor, we are continuously pushing ourselves to grow. We are excited to share some exciting news about our classes:

  • We've added a new Sunday evening class at 7pm after many requests from our community for more evening classes.  Join us tonight for VIVID GUIDEDMEDITATION with ALCHEMY SINGING BOWLS.  It's the perfect way to wind down from your weekend and envision your intentions for the week ahead!


  • We are also launching a 4 week COMPASSION CULTIVATION 4 Week Series with Amira Suliman of The Compassion Project starting on May 4th (every Friday, 9am). Sit with Amira for philosophy and meditationpractice which cultivates the experience of compassion for the self, for others, and for the benefit of the world. Book your spot now!