Commit to your rituals daily - it can change your life

"The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver every time."

As summer begins and schedules change, it's easy to slowly drift away from our daily rituals - those tiny actions we take that help us feel really, really good (or just get through the day).

For some of us, those rituals might be a morning workout. For others it might be a 15-minute meditation. And others (most of us) - just a few moments of silence will do the trick. Alone. 

But, staying committed to those rituals each day is difficult. Especially when schools out for summer or travel takes you away from your usual routine. 

So, what do you do then? 

I know for myself - just showing up is half the battle. As long as I allow myself to arrive I usually don't turn around at the starting line. 

So, add your rituals to your calendar. Get an accountability partner. Set your alarm a few minutes earlier. Lay out your clothes or pick out your tunes the night before.

Make whatever small shifts you need to so that it's easier just to show up. Remember: that's more than half the battle.