A personal story on pain

I struggled with the debilitating pain of arthritis for about 4 years.  I lost the ability to do things I loved, like playing with my kids, doing yoga and hiking.  I couldn't even hold a glass full of water — it was so bad I had to get plastic cups and drink with a straw.  Rolling over in bed took all my courage cause it hurt so bad. I felt like a victim and was sad, scared, ashamed and angry.

However, something astounding happened when I began my meditation journey 2 years ago. Much of my pain literally felt like it was melting away.  I was extremely curious ("what the HECK is happening?"), as well as pretty pissed ("why were doctors so quick to prescribe extreme medications") when I first realized how much my overall well being was enhanced by a daily practice of meditating.

The Research:

Since then, I have done a ton of research and found that modern neuroscience has proven that pain is created in the brain.  This may seem outrageous, but it's true.

No, this doesn't mean it's all in our heads. All pain is real, however, your brain plays a HUGE role in our experience of pain, and our brain is capable of reducing or amplifying our pain significantly. In other words, the experience of pain is drastically influenced by how our brain interprets our thoughts and feelings.

I am not a doctor and am not giving medical advice. However, my own experience has been that meditation (even 10 minutes a day) has been much more powerful than any medication in treating my pain. Becoming aware of how my brain is related to my pain was a game changer, and meditation is the tool that allows me to witness my thoughts and feelings and change some of those patterns thus drastically reducing my pain.

I know I’m not the only one who can benefit from this transformative experience so I'd like to invite you to our Pain Release Meditations every Tuesday at 5 PM.

Our teacher and integrative physical therapist Karuna Patel addresses pain from the inside out. If you're experiencing pain, worrying if it will end, anxious for it to go away, and want a natural approach without medications- come sit with us.


Kelly Ryan
CEO of Anchor Meditation