Ashley DePrizio

Ashley is a psychic intuitive, natural medicine woman and spiritual teacher. Originally from Boston, she began her self discovery and growth journey here in San Francisco with meditation. After spending over a decade in cyber security tech world, she experienced first hand the transformative power of meditation. Manifested in both light and dark ways, she experienced a massive push to shift the focus of her life to something more impactful so now she’s on a mission to coach and help as many people as possible.

Ashley is a seeker - expressed through her adventurous heart and desire to see the "truth". Her purpose is to supports those who also seek to align with your truth to expand and elevate the quality of your life. Working with Ashley, you’ll uncover and release the habits, stories and patterns from your shadow side that are holding you back from an extraordinary life, access your inner wisdom and create new anchors in your being to live a more conscious, intentional and joyful life.

In her classes, coaching and workshops Ashley guides you to dive deep and journey through your Soul Essence Alignment with a mix of science and new age “woo woo” methods. She uses various practices including: awareness training, subconscious reprogramming, emotion release techniques and plant medicine essential oils.

Ashley received formal training and certification in behavioral ontological coaching through Accomplishment Coaching. She is also trained in Access Consciousness, the Art of Conscious Change, meditation, manifestation and shadow work. She’s gained spiritual insights through her personal awakening journey, inner insights and quantum experiences of life.